Xbox One


I played it a bit since I had the month of the XBox pass.

It was pretty OK. I think it would be fun with a full party, but there is no depth to the game (pun intended). You cruise around in a boat and get treasure off islands. Occasionally you fight another boat. Rinse and repeat. It needs progression or something to make it stick more.


Not really. As Geran said, it’s ok. The only progression thing that you have are the commendations. Those are like little scenarios that you do to unlock skins for weapons, clothes, skins for your ship etc. Cosmetic crap.


Jeez lame sauce


So it is possible to make pirates boring


Lars Ulrich and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee successfully accomplished that back in 2000




I’m pretty happy with my xbox one, i skipped/missed the 360 when it came out. It can play almost all of the 360 games that I’ve come across that looked even slightly interesting. MS didn’t port any of the Halo games after halo 2 to pc either.