Xbox One


So, in my possession soon is a Xbox One and it only cost me the price of replacing the cooling fan because my mother decided to buy her boyfriend a new Xbox One S instead and told me I could have the old one if I wanted to fix it. On that note its fixed minus the BR DVD drive not working but thats another fix for another day still cheaper then buying it brand new imo.


Honestly it’s a decent system. Microsoft just cannibalized it by making everything available on pc




One of the reasons I was more then happy to pay for the few repairs the xbox needed so that it could be mine.


Was thinking about buying one but decided not to buy it. All the games are on game pass plus I don’t need a xbox gold live thing to play the games with me friendsies. PC wins.


Wait Xbox Game Pass works on pc as well?


Yeah. Playing Sea of Thieves, Forza almost every day. Installed Gears of War 4 recently. Gonna try that out after I finish Ni No zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I wish I had known sooner, I would have had the xbox game pass for my self smh.


I found out recently too. What’s even better, your first month is only $1 or 1 euro or whatever 1.


Do I goto the website or the xbox app on my pc? Nvm I got it got a few games downloading including Sea of Thieves, Gear of War 4 and ReCore.


I did it through the Windows Store app but it will redirect you to the website anyway. Just write in the app “game pass” and it should come up as a store page, I believe.


Windows store app… ewwwww


Temporary till I can get Live on my Xbox next month lol


Windows Store is not that bad. I feel like they could merge it with the xbox app but whatevs.


Never had a issue with it my self but heard storys, long as it works for me dont care lol


This quote sums up my experience with the app. Took me over a week to download Forza Horizon 3 because the app would crash and restart the download from the beginning with seemingly no way of having it find the gigabytes of data it already downloaded.

I also own an xbox one. All I own is rare replay and Master Chief collection. Maybe not worth the price for just two games but I don’t regret it.


nothing but bad experience. downloads take forever, twice my Gears of War 4 download had to be redownloaded because the updates wouldn’t take. I dislike it


Haha sounds like my XB1 ownership…


I do agree with the downloads. It took forever to download Sea of Thieves lol
But that’s the only bad thing I had. Everything else worked fine. But who cares…EPIC STORE IZ DE_BEST!


So is Sea of Thieves worth investing in?