XCOM 2 One Man Army

For the first time i wanted to show my “good” gameplay publicly. Hope you guys like it

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i am so surprised this video got 1k view. wth people watch this garbage? its a straight forward video with massive lag and long loading screen…and still 1k

so was wondering what if i actually make quality content

Play more modern games and you’ll have more views :wink:

tbh i just randomly uploaded it. i never thought i would get this much view. now actually thinking about being a youtuber :3

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I know how you feel. I made a Mario video that took about an hour to make. It currently has 14K views.


I know how you feel. I made a Destiny video 7 years ago and it has 45 views

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I know how you feel, I made a YouTube account and all I’m getting is naked yoga

Guys, you registered at the wrong place. Go to pornhub

i really wish sometimes i would meet you guys in person and all of us are extremely high or drunk or both XD