Xenobolade Chronicles 3

So this is my next game! I’ve been playing it since the weekend. So far a really good arpg. If you liked the previous titles, you like this one too. Visually it’s okish. Looks dated…the framerate…I dunno it’s all over the place but mostly bad. I can’t wait until nintendo’s next console. I hope they fucking slap in some DLSS hardware, they’re already using an nvidia soc. Or hell even a switch with dlss would allow it to run things way better.
Will post more later!

This game really is quite good once you acclimate to the bitch tier graphics/performance.

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The performance drove me TOOO crazy. Usually I can handle a lot, but it was bad.

The sound track is excellent as well!

Why dont you emulate it on PC? The emulator seems to be decent now.

Probly could. I’m not starting a new save file.

Not possible to download the save file to usb? Don’t know how switch works, barely using that thing.

I’d have to google.

Sound track is really good.