Xenobolade Chronicles 3

So this is my next game! I’ve been playing it since the weekend. So far a really good arpg. If you liked the previous titles, you like this one too. Visually it’s okish. Looks dated…the framerate…I dunno it’s all over the place but mostly bad. I can’t wait until nintendo’s next console. I hope they fucking slap in some DLSS hardware, they’re already using an nvidia soc. Or hell even a switch with dlss would allow it to run things way better.
Will post more later!

This game really is quite good once you acclimate to the bitch tier graphics/performance.

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The performance drove me TOOO crazy. Usually I can handle a lot, but it was bad.

The sound track is excellent as well!

Why dont you emulate it on PC? The emulator seems to be decent now.

Probly could. I’m not starting a new save file.

Not possible to download the save file to usb? Don’t know how switch works, barely using that thing.

I’d have to google.

Sound track is really good.

Good news… if you have a dad who doesn’t give a shit if his tv is 720p… it runs better lol.

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ever finished this?

Still playing : ]
It’s really good.

How many million hours do you have in it?

I’ll let you know, going to be playing it soon.

A little over 92hrs.

Oh thought you have played more. You started it a month ago or so

Some days I don’t get to play much. Others, not at all.

Ahhh, I know that. When work hits you hard so you dont have enough time for yourself. I love that!

Beat this last night! Fucking excellent game! Recommended…thought I don’t know if someone who hasn’t played the previous games would like it as much.


A week or two ago I started the Future Redeemed DLC. It’s a standalone, so even if it’s been a long time since you played the base game, you’ll get the tutorial stuff in the beginning like a new game would. So far it’s the same mechanics but takes place soon after the events of the first Xeno Blade Chronicles game. I said I’ve been playing it for a few weeks, but I also haven’t had much time to play due to an upcoming deadline in June. Will post later.

On a side note, the fucker devs on the Pokemon games should acquire whatever engine they’re using for this game. It’s still 30 fps, but waaay more consistently 30 and the visuals actually look quite good. Pokemon is first party Nintendo, so is Xenoblade Chronicles. Nintendo needs to hook their first party studios up with the best engines between them given whatever the game genre is.

It would seem you can’t just buy this dlc outright. Gota get the pass.

I don’t remember what package chose to buy when I got the base game, but I already had this dlc when I went into looking to buy it.

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