XFX RX 5700 DD Ultra - Amazon Return

Sending this back to Amazon, I have had many many issues with it… this morning my pc kept shutting down while trying to play games, or even remove/reinstall drivers & chipsets… I put back in my MSI RX 470 8gb Gaming X… got chipsets reinstalled & Drivers and no issues sense. Not happy will see whats on sale when my $329.99 comes back to me.

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Go nvidia and don’t look back.

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^^ this

Also, don’t overclock stuff. You’ll gain nothing from it. The extra 5 fps or the silly scores from the Fire Strike bench are not worth it.


I’m surprised Amazon is taking it back.

I had till Jan 31st 2020 to return it.

Planning on it, planning on it will be saving for a RTX 2060 Super or 2070 Super… mean time I will use my old rx 470 8gb card.

I’d wager it is either a bad card, or you need a bigger power supply. I don’t think this is an “AMD” issue.

I also agree with my pal @Katsuo; generally overclocking is a waste of time unless you have extra cooling. At most I tend to undervolt to try and save some precious heat.


I stopped bothering with overclocking a long time ago. I just upgrade now.


You could return it opened and used is what surprises me.

Amazon is huge in the refurb/used/reconditioned/warehouse world. They take anything back within a window. I always buy my tech from them. Meanwhile Newegg is awful for returns (and customer service in general). Amazon will consume us all, may as well take advantage of the free returns in the meantime… :robot: