Yakuza 6 and the Cam girls

This is totally the GOTY XD

Well this is my next game! Litteraly just did a side mission about this guy addicted to live chat lol. It’s a yakuza game so I know it’s going to be good but here are some real annoyances. No matter if you play at 1080p or 4k it’s locked at 30fps. No matter if you play at 1080p or 4k there’s jaggies everywhere…at least on everything not a character model. Quite a yucky look. I wish they would offer 1080p60 on the pro…or at least a higher cap than 30… or 1080p with AA would also be nice. Those are my only gripes so far though. Other than that, it’s yakuza so it’s good. Will post more later!

(Also, only $12 cad! Buy before midnight tonight or it goes back up to $30 cad!)

hmmm, scaled down to 1080 seems to hide a lot of jaggies… maybe I’ll plug it into a 1080p and use supersampling.

The things that just fall into your lap…

Damn, my secret is out. I am in Yakuza 6.

This game is definitely best played on ps4 pro on a 1080p monitor with supersampling enabled. Fixes most of the jaggies.

I love this haha

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Every last stool at the bar:

Well I just beat it! Another fucking epic!..though I feel bad for those who played this without playing all of the previous games. So much story would be lost on someone who did that. I’m also sad that there’s only one confirmed yakuza game on the horizon and I don’t know if I’ll like it because it’s going to be an rpg…though there is a rumored Yakuza 0-2.
I totally recommend this game, but please play the previous titles first.

I’m glad they’re changing the combat system. It’s good the first 3, 4 games. Gets repetitive afterwards.

Which is why I never play them back to back.