Yoshi's Crafted World

So this is my next game. So far seems like a standard yoshi game but with an arts and crafts art style. Just a chill yoshi game. Will post more later!


I just hate the fact that the game is 5 hours long and it costs 3 million euros.

Nintendo tax. Would definitely be a better deal from grey market or used physical.

It’s still 20 bucks too expensive even when you buy it used.

Normally I don’t give a fuck about costumes… but when it’s held back via Nintendo’s cunty wall of amiibos, I force Nintendo’s hand with my deck of fuck yous!


I don’t know how long it is in total, but I’ve played more than 5hrs so far.

Howlongtobeat said it’s around 8 hours long only for the storyline. Completionist is around 30 hours. Price/content ratio is still ass.

Just beat it! I would say I played 20-30hrs. I didn’t do any side shit unless I did it by accidentally by doing what I was going to do anyway. I only replayed 5 or 6 levels to get more flowers to unlock the final area post credits. Turns out the final area is just busywork, so I recommend calling it a day once the credits roll. Recommended!


Found it for 35 euros new. Gonna get it. Thought it was 8 hours long max lol

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Maybe if you already played it a bunch and then started a new save file.