Your favorite console

Pretty sure every single one of you played on some console sometimes somewhere somehow. What I want to know which one is your favorite. Like, on which console did you have the most ultra mega fun?

I decided to post this thread since I just bought a PSP and PS Vita. They’re old yeah but I kinda wanted to play some of the exclusive PSP/PS Vita games that I couldn’t before…before when I didn’t know how money looked like.

If I had to say which one was my favorite, I would say it’s either PS2 or Game Cube. The amount of fun I had while playing Mario Kart Double Dash on GC with my friends…it was insaneeee. And PS2…well, I don’t think there are people who don’t like the PS2.

Also, if you have some PSP/PS Vita recommendations, feel free to write it down so I can purchase dem games and enjoy nolife sessions.


I dunno which is my favorite, but I definitely sunk the most time in either snes or n64 (can’t remember which).

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I only had one console in my life, a GameCube. As a 10 year old child, it was fun, I had Rayman, Star Wars rogue squadron, luigi’s mansion, blue wave and some others. I hated the controller tho.
As soon as I got a computer I never looked back, PC forever :v:

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I still play Double Dash vs my brother regularly. It’s a sibling rivalry that will never end. Best Mario Kart by far. That said, I didn’t care for the GameCube otherwise.

NES or Genesis are tops because that is what I grew up with most. PS2 was my first ever console I got on launch day and was my high school and “college” years. So good memories there too.

I guess I’ll just pick Genesis since I had the JVC X’eye (and still do) which was a weird aftermarket Genesis/SEGACD combo. And I was totally the coolest kid for having it.

Also, PSP’s are rad. I bought my first one a couple years ago and slapped the custom firmware on it. Still want to do a battery mod, but it’s been nice to have on a few trips. More fun than a tablet/phone.

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This is hard… I think FAVORITE, is Gamecube. I have fond memories of grabbing the handle on that bad boy and bringing it to friends’ houses.

I do have a special place in my heart for the Turbografx 16. My uncle had one when I was a kid and I’d play it all the time when we’d visit his house. That and the Sega CD were the first systems I really played a lot of. There was a SNES at my Grandparents house too…

Amusingly enough, I never touched the Sony stuff until college. One of my roommates had a PS2 that was modded that I bought off him.

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Hard to say. I’ve owned quite a few. Probably the first PlayStation. I realllllly enjoyed that console. Metal Gear Solid, final fantasy, syphon filter, twister metal, many resident evil games, and so on.


In would have to go with the playstation or playstation 2. I owned a genesis but I didn’t really get into video games until I got a playstation. Like @ShiftySatchmo I played a lot of metal gear, twisted metal, and final fantasy. Also had a blast with spyro and crash bandicoot.

The PS2 with metal gear solids, and the hitman series though, boy oh boy. I played through those games more times than I can count.

@Katsuo Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony. That’s my PSP recommendation.

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I had to use my google powers to look for some infos about that thing. I can see why you were the coolest kid for having it. I was the coolest one for having a vanilla PS1 in my area. I played G-Darius, Spyro and Crash a lottttttttttttt…but still it’s not as good as ps2.

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Had to google…

Seems like Sony and Nintendo completely destroyed those (unknown to me) consoles back in the day. At that time, I only heard about GameBoy (non Color) and PS1 in Switzerland where I lived.

I actually thought Syphon Filter was a ps2 game. I forgot that thing existed. My brain is shrinking :frowning:

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Funny thing is that I couldn’t play some of the MGS games because I thought they were too scary for me. Same as Tomb Raider. I remember playing Tomb Raider on PS1 and the first scene in the game is where you approach to a gate with Lara and a dog comes out to kill you. At that time, I panicked like a lil jerk and never played the game again because I thought that was scary as hell. I think that game was the reason why I’m still weak to horror movies or games haha

Later on I discovered that Tomb Raider games have nothing horrorish in em…I was so angry.


Thank you. I think Ill get that one now. If I find it.

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My best gaming memories were from playing on consoles. At that time I had a PC which had NFS Hot Pursuit pre-installed on it and that was the only game I’ve enjoyed on PC. Any game after was meh to play on PC. Well, until they’ve modernized gaming on PCs :man_shrugging:

I had n64 for like 2 days or something. I wish I had it longer, I loved how the games looked on it back in the days.

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Well, I started with an Intelevision(knock off atari) because my parents didn’t understand video games and thought I’d like it as much as my friend’s nes’. We also had a commodore that I had to manually enter in code from a physical notebook in order to play games like snake.

Eventually I got an nes and then a snes a few years later. Few years after that I had to save my own money for a n64. A few years after that we got a gamecube that I had to share with my bros.

From the time of nes to n64 we always had a pc. 286, then 386, then 486, eventually pentiums…

When we got the gamecube I was doing a lot of pc gaming, so I only really played the must haves for gc.

I eventually would end up getting a wii, wiiu, switch, ps4, ps4 pro…but only played exclusives. From early 2000s to present, most of my gaming hours are on pc.

But excluding pc, most of my gaming hours were on snes and n64 and that includes even my ps4 play time.

Any consoles I didn’t mention, well I had to play them at friend’s houses because money… oh also, somewhere in the time line I also had gb, gb mini, gbc, gba sp, ds lite, 3ds, and new 3ds.

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Playstation always has been…I have owned Xbox and GameCube and Wii and Nintendo’s I always seem to enjoy Playstation Games better when it comes to Consoles.

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I got an Atari 2600 back when I was a teen in the late 70’s. It started my hobby of video gaming. After that, I built my own PC to game on. Never looked back, never owned another console.

I still have that 2600, in mint condition, in the original box. :slight_smile:


I still have our family’s 2600 as well, though not quite mint condition… It’s just by the time I could wield a controller as a youngling, the NES was already out and Super Mario Bros and 1942 were way more interesting than Frogger and Journey Escape. I did play with it plenty, but just not the same memories as NES.

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My uncle had an Atari 2600 and he turned it into a flower vase :man_shrugging: