Found a email just now containing my prize code from the anniversary!


Awesome congratz


Haven’t got my email yet, won the same thing. Was it a Steam key or uPlay?

schlitty Uplay

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Just arrived.


schlitty Check your spam box - I got mine direct from AsRock not Zotac :slight_smile:

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Sgt_T8ie I’ll keep an eye out, but I haven’t noticed anything. I sent another reply to the original Zotac email just now.

22 more days later and a few emails back and forth with Zotac and I finally got my key! Haven’t entered it yet, I’m waiting to see if a buddy of mine replies that he wants it.

But man, I know its ultra ‘1st world problems’ but this was the third time I’ve had to go out of my way pester people to receive a prize I won in my life. Though 3 weeks is nothing to complain about. One prize I won once took over a year to work out. And another just never happened period. I have very peculiar luck…

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schlitty Im still waiting… Not a word from crucial…

Adnan_Popara :confused: Keep replying to the original email from Zotac. They don’t really give any solid information and just keep saying “we’re in contact with our sponsors” but at least they know you’re still waiting. I fall through the cracks all the time (not just these contests), sometimes you got to shout! :smiley:

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schlitty I guess I have no other choice but to spam them with emails xD