2020 Steam Summer Sale

Summer Sale confirmed now, Jun 25 to Jul 9

I made this a new topic so we can all talk about the games we won’t buy because we are all in crippling game backlog hell.


Especially with game pass.

Not me hihi

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I dont really have a backlog anymore, in the last 2 years i finished more games thanks to the challenge than ever, this 2 months sitting home just helped more :smiley: I dont even know i have the mood to play anymore. I am thinking of taking a rest during the summer. Be outside if possible.


Read books if you can’t go outside or marry a woman. Better than going outside.

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Best quote ever, @Katsuo !

For me, I have not been able to sit at home, so I’m ready for my semi annual vacay/staycay thats coming up, so I can get some fun game playing in! But I’ll most probably be fixing the fence and patio I’ve been working on. :smiley:

Back on topic, I rarely buy anything too much anymore on the sales, simply because I do have such a backlog, and the things I actually ‘want’ rarely go on the good sales.