2080 ti


I got one. I dunno what I’m doing.


You’re a monster.


Won’t somebody please think of the children!??


He can put himself through college, dangit!




and he uses it to play minecraft!


Nah, Peggle at 8k


Knack 2 runs at 16k


Think I could have it? I always wanted one ever since they came out.


A copy of Peggle? Yeah I can make that happen


Nice, congrats on your upgrade. Now… which one did you end up getting?
How is it, details man… details.

I am asking because I am very soon going to be upgrading my system, and am wondering if I should sell my 1080 ti and just ravage wallet and get the 2080 ti as it will eventually be a decent card (said that for all the haters) and will help prolong the need for an upgrade.

Again… congrats though.


Eventually? The only thing morons bitch about is ray tracing…which means nothing this gen. Traditional lighting methods works great (and better than 1080ti).


It’s on the way. My current card is the aging Fury X so this will be a huuuuge boost to 4k gaming, which I think is pretty and attempt to do now on a Fury X. I got the PNY one because it was cheaper ish than other third party cards but had solid reviews. Has better temps and clock than founder’s. PayPal had an eBay deal where I got 24 months 0% interest so it made it pretty easy to purchase.


I know this… and so do many others. The haters are usually the ones complaining because it really comes down to $$.

I admit as a Canadian the prices are stupid, but hell… I’ve decided to wait until late spring, early summer for my car… so I have to spend money somewhere. :slight_smile:


Nice deal. Most (if not all) after market (non founders) cards usually have a higher clock and lower temp, that is the draw to them… besides the usually nicer look.

My current ti is a founders because I have put it under water, and they come apart so much easier in my opionion.


Oh I meant it seemed decent compared to other third party and was cheaper. I understand why third party cards exist haha. I’ve never purchased anything PNY before. Normally I’d go gigabyte but it was like 300-400 more for seemingly no reason other than RBG.


Ah I gotcha now. Sadly I’ve been bit by the EVGA bug and when (yeah more likely than if) I get a new card it will be one of theirs.

I’ve never owned PNY either but also hear great things about them.


The only thing to bitch about is cost really. AMD hasn’t made a high end card since probably fury x… and “high end” is stretching it. I’m not going back to AMD video cards for a long time. ALL of my desktop cards have been AMD/ATI for so long, then I was just sick of it when a brand new best-amd-could-do card still couldn’t max shit at a proper frame rate. High end nvidia + gsync = bliss. CPUs on the other hand, threadripper/ryzen are worth it.


Right, and splitting it up into 24 no interest payments made cost less of an issue. I loved my Fury X. I totally would have purchased a Radeon VII if they had a fancier version that matched the 2080 ti but it looks like they are only aiming to compete with 2080 and under. I told myself I’d use fury X until something that could do decent 4k came out and here it is so purchase made. Oh, and I have Ryzen and it’s great.


If AMD were actual competition to nvidia, every other generation AMD would have the best card.