2080 ti


I agree the Threadrippers are fantastic, but having to put them into gaming mode (or so I read) to better play games makes them way to much over kill for my needs.

Some minor occasional game streaming while playing, video and photo editing (fair amount) and odds and ends.
This has me going to the 9900k. Why you scream at me? Because ever since I retired my 965 black edition, I’ve been with Intel, and the Ryzen stuff (while great stuff) just doesn’t tilt my pinball machine the right way.


Just buy it. I went with the vanilla 2080 and booooy is it good. Runs everything over 60fps on 1080p, 1440p, 2160p.


Got this to go with it :sob:



I cancelled the order because I discovered Acer is releasing a Freesync version that has the same specs for $500 less and was certified by Nvidia to work with gsync.


Or should I not do 4k and get this instead? I can’t decide


I’ve had a 21:9 (albeit 1080p) for a good minute now. Love it. The running excuse was for productivity, but it’s great fun with gaming. I love the extra real estate. Especially considering my main poison is racing sims. But it’s great with something like Tomb Raider, or a FPS, or even strategy. I just like it, more to look at. Can’t imagine I will ever go back to 16:9. Films are to the borders, no black bars. That said, sometimes game don’t have support. Like that Monster Hunter game JUST got ultrawide support. Then, sometimes netflix/amazon/youtube vids don’t fullscreen as they should. Just a few quality of life annoyances like that. I still give ultrawide my stamp of approval. And it honestly is great for productivity (data input, writing/reading simultaneously, etc in my case).


On games that don’t, wouldn’t it run at 16:9 with bars on the sides and be like a normal 1440 monitor?


That’s the same I wanna get xD


My reason for considering it is long term my 2080ti will handle higher fps at that resolution than 4k I would assume


I’ve never tried ultrawide, can’t comment. Though, I would find out for sure if you can force 16:9 with bars for demanding games(with a button press on the monitor). I’ve had older monitors that did that for displaying 4:3 on a 16:9 monitor.


I was going to just keep my current monitor for situations where 16:9 isn’t supported. I have enough desk space


Or that.


I think what I’ll do (because it’s the responsible thing) is see how my current 4k does with the new card and if I am happy with it I’ll just enjoy saving the money.


Yeah, my monitor displays standard 16:9 just fine on games when I choose it as the resolution in game. Black bars on the sides. Never run into a game where that was an issue.


Going to get these items tomorrow… maybe not the Duke, as there are cheaper versions of the 2080 Ti… but I liked the name so I put it here. :slight_smile:


Edited to add that I really wanted to get the Trident z Royal in silver but at this time there are no 32 GB kits available here in Canada that I can find… so the old Trident Z RGB will be a place holder for now.


That’s why I went with PNY. They l seem kind of the same and it was $100 over the founder’s instead of like $500 over


FFS… can’t get my 9900K today or my motherboard… have to order them in. GRRRRR


This sounds weird to me. I can’t stand it when I can’t order something and have to waste time going to a store.


hey @ShiftySatchmo , I just now saw your questions!

I’ve been running this monitor for about a year, perhaps? now.

It looks like it might have been the predecessor to one of those you were looking at.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE running in 3440x1440. Once you try it, you won’t go back.

To answer your question though, yes, when I run games that don’t support over 16x9, it does in fact put black bars on the sides. But it does not distract me at all.

The only ones that really suck, are games like Fallout 76, which won’t support the 3440x1440 resolution, but it also won’t put the black bars up and tries to stretch the image. But most companies these days aren’t idiots like Bethesda, they either support it directly, or put the black bars on the sides.


I checked some ultrawide ones out in store. They do seem cool but I think I might just save up for a high end 4k. I figure I got a card that can support it so might as well