2080 ti


2k144hz > 4k


Depends on what you like, and with the monitor I’m looking at I could run some games at 4k 144hz :wink: (older ones in my backlog)


The card arrives today weeeeee. I won’t bother posting benchmarks or anything unless it’s wildly different from the third party ones you can find online.


The card works so I’m happy. I got 72 fps average on the shadow of war benchmark at 4k ultra


Pff, any card can do that.


Well it’s not the Trident Royal I wanted ( can’t find a 32GB set here… only 16) so went with the old stuff. Also did not get the mobo I wanted (Taichi) but this will do, as will myu 1080ti for now. Did the homework and realized that it’s not worth it for the 2080ti yet… especially at $1600 CDN just for that.

Let the build begin.


You’re a quitter. Get the 2080 ti! You owe it to yourself after that near death experience (that’s how you can pitch it to the family).


lol its not the $ to them… I can’t justify it to myself. There is not much that my 1080ti can’t deal with that the 2080ti would make significantly better (at this time) to warrant the $.


It’s basically only worth it for 4k, and it is so good


I’m running 4k smooth as butter as we speak. Never dropped below… well being honest 48 fps at ultra settings, but average 79.

I’ll live.

Edit to add…

With the new CPU the fps will increase and be more stable as well.


What game?




Rust, Scum, Arma 3 (this one tests me… but it was a fair CPU intensive game), PubG, DayZ.

I’ll do some testing with the latest greatest games for you later.

Edited to add first bench at 4k Ultra with everything maxed.


Arms 3 boiiii


Ah, that makes sense then. For what you play it would not be worth it, indeed.


By the way, be careful with 2080. My friend returned two of them already.


Should have gotten the ti :wink:

But seriously, mine has a three year warranty




Is it “Made in Germany”?


Yeah, all components are! Wait…