A pipe dream?

At some point before ps5 launch, I want to get a >=32", oled, hdr (1000nit peak brightness), 4k, >=144hz, gsync and free sync compatible monitor. Exists?

OLED monitor? Good luck finding that.

Dell UP3017Q is one of the OLED ones but it’s not that good.

This one is also OLED but slower and not exactly what you want. Still price is ridiculous.


I’ll also add 16:9.

Lowering my expectations. No longer needs to be oled, only needs to be freesync. Nvidia cards do freesync if you use display port.

Closest I’ve seen is 27" and I own it.


Good luck finding an HDR monitor with the specs you’re looking for haha. Maybe one has come out since I got mine but at the time it was the best you could get.

There was an oled ultra wide with gsync and hdr on ltt recently…I don’t like ultra wide.

If you’re willing to make some compromises. :smiley:

Don’t like ultra wide.

Hello, can I interest you in ultrawide? :dancer:

But seriously…have you heard of it? It’s wider, you see. :dancing_men:

I heard that there is a screen that has an immense wideness to it. Possibly an ultra amount of wideness.

In all seriousness, I can take a gander later maybe.

Ah well, just saw you dont like ultrawides, and you wanted 4k… was going to recoommend my monitor. :slight_smile: But wait for a sale as I did. Oh wait, never mind… move along you dont want this one.


The main issue being is the vertical resolution is still 1440 so yeah, it’s wide but has the same visual fidelity as what I already have… I might consider an ultra wide with 2160 vertical res, but that would be retardedly expensive.

Have you looked at televisions? Samsung has a few that support freesync

They generally don’t have dp and have a lot of jank bloat. I’m gona find a 16:9, 4k, hdr, >=144hz, freesync, >=32" monitor before ps5. Bigger than that and it’s not good for desk distance anymore.

What about this one?
ROG Swift PG43UQ
max. 1.000 cd/m² (Peak)
G-Sync and should support Freesync

But the downside is the price and the brand xD

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does it come in a 32" variant?