August 2018 -- Changelog





  • Made another minor change to the image caching
    • The goal here is to have images cached on Cloudflare instead of calling our block storage
    • In theory Cloudflare is now hosting uploads for 7 days
    • Who knows if this will break things :man_shrugging:



  • Enabled a thing that should help with performance for images on the site
    • I might have done this wrong, so let me know if anything is slow or acts weird…



  • Upgraded to Discourse 2.1.0 beta4
    • Full log is here
    • Coolest feature is that you can see all drafts you have on your user profile now, no more losing drafts!



  • Migrated uploads off of the DigitalOcean box into an object storage bucket
    • This adds some additional cost for me, but gives a lot more redundancy for content uploaded here along with redundancy of backups for the forum
    • Please let me know in #site-feedback if there are issues with images uploading, loading on the page, being slow, etc

I did run into a very slight issue where the preview of images was working, but clicking the image to expand results in an error. I’m running a job that should fix this now, but it processes every post, so it will take a little bit to execute.

Also, you guys upload a lot of images :D. Luckily I get 250 GB of storage and 1 TB of transfer for $5 a month:

And the rebake is done. Images appear to be loading properly in my tests and I didn’t have issues uploading.

can you get monthly stats?.. like in january this much was uploaded and in february this much was uploaded. That way you could see what the average amount uploaded per month is and project when we will have uploaded too much lol

I don’t think so sadly. The DigitalOcean Spaces feature is relatively new, so maybe they will add a dashboard in the future to show file uploads for guesstimation.

I just got a badge for “first quote” but I quote every dayyyy.

I got that too. I can’t speak to the mystery of the automated badge giver.

Maybe they just added the badge?

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Take your logic somewhere else!

Upgraded to a new Discourse release and stuff.


In typical me fashion I made a change that should theoretically help images load faster, but may break other things. Let me know if there are any issues.

You broke my heart

I had to make another change to get the image uploads to work better, stronger, and faster.

The notifications seem to come significantly later than the actual posts. Even if you’ve already viewed the post in question.

I know right now it is basically processing every post and changing the URL of images that have been uploaded, so that is likely making every other task take longer (assuming the notification thing is happening right now)

It is. About a ~5 minute delay. The notification even still shows up when I’ve already seen the post.

File uploads work, they just aren’t displaying properly right now. I’m working on it.

Phew, images are now properly coming in from the new fancy “” domain. In theory this will cut load times for images uploaded to our fancy server here.

I’m not 100% sure about this. It might have been due to my tinkering with the CDN. I had it (on accident) where everything was being processed through Cloudflare, which might have slowed down notification updates to you. Let me know if it continues.

In six days we’ve only added ~6MB in files.


You can probably ignore the count, it makes optimized versions of things.

I swear I only upload/link imgur libraries 99% of the time for my gamer challenge since the change :smiley: Funnies topic is the main reason for that count :smiley: