Blue Reflection

Well this is my new game! The best way to describe it would be if Persona 5 had a baby with the Neptunia franchise…but also has a higher detail art style than either.

Performance wise there’s not much to say. There’s no options other than resolution and a full screen check box. So I’m running it at 1440p full screen (for some reason doesn’t detect higher resolutions with DSR enabled). Most of the time i’m getting 164fps, so I’m assuming the game has a vsync option that they don’t let the user toggle. I’ve seen it go down into the low 60s a couple times though. Oh, also it’s @Katsuo compatible (japanese audio only).

Will post more later!

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I hope it’s good. Looks fun!

I’ll say it’s “Pretty Good” for now, I’ll need to play some more before I say it’s “Great”. I will say however it rips A LOT of stuff directly from Persona 5…but in a half-assed Koei Tecmo way. Is Koei Tecmo Chinese? That would explain a lot lol.

Well, Koei DID work on Persona 3 with ATLUS and published it for the rest of the world. So maybe that’s why they are using some ideas from Persona games.

Do all the persona games have the same mechanics? I’ve only played 5.

I haven’t played the fifth one because ATLUS doesn’t allow gameplay stuff on youtube XD
But pretty much every Persona game has the same gameplay mechanics.

So just standard Koei Tecmo lazyness then.

If it ain’t broke , don’t fix ittttttttttttt

Yeah this game is pretty good despite the obvious koei tecmo style jank sprinkled on top. You would really like it.

They need to reduce the price of most of their games. They are like Activision, every game is 60+ euros.

Yeh, kind of cunty. But I have come to accept that from them. Still really enjoying it despite seeing a bunch of lazyness sprinkled in. Zero QA on english subs. I’ve seen regular typos. Like a p instead of an o. And not in a joking way, just literal typos.


Try running it with your iGPU only.

Where are the options for that?

Should be somewhere in nvidia’s control panel. Can’t be more specific because I’m in bed and I can’t get up to check where the option exactly is. XD

I can’t find it… but I’m drunk also…

This is what you need. It’s under the Manage 3D settings tab on the left. Select the game, select the GPU below and pray that the game runs normally.

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Yay… It works at a solid 1080p60 now : ]

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This is actually an excellent game. Just beat it! Imagine how good it could have been had it not been Koei Tecmo. Recommended. @Katsuo compatible. @Katsuo required. Or I’ll @Katsuo bitch slap you!!!@! o.0 ;]

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