Bought a new gpu but something is wrong :(

i got a EVGA SC ULTRA 1660ti last night. my previous gpu was 960. my processor i5 7500.
before buying the new gpu i was checking and looking at the benchmarks everywhere of that gpu with cpu. and found FPS is kinda decent with everything maxed out in 1080p but when i am actually playing now i feel like fps is very low.
i.e In tw3 i dont even get 60 fps. (obviously hairworks off) i even had to turn off aa to get 60 fps.
then i tried FFXV this morning i supposed to get 80+ fps with everything maxed out according to those benchmarks. i dont even get 60 even if i turn down the settings. so those benchmarks fake or wrong? or i am doing something wrong.

Thanks for your time reading this. but let me know what i can do about it

Both games are CPU heavy. Your CPU can’t keep up with the GPU. Either upgrade it to i5 8400 (which I believe are the same socket, not sure) or switch to something newer like Ryzen. Ryzen is seriously cheap nowadays.

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thanks for your reply.

getting a new cpu is not possible for me :3 i even bought the gpu with loan :3 i will have to live with it. just looking for some suggestion in case i am doing smth wrong…

anyway thats not what i wanted to know though, how then those benchmarks shows better performance than i mine pc? while spec are same?

here look i have slightly better gpu and cpu than this guy and yet i am getting very much low fps than this guy

What’s your RAM

Even my PC is struggling to keep a steady fps on ac odyssey. And I have a ryzen 2700x, rtx2080, 32gigs of ram. I remember barely reaching 90 fps with dips even below 70s. The games are eating CPU. Especially ac odyssey.

Also I think that video isn’t really legit to be honest.

bro i am not talking about odyssey :3

now i am thinking that too

g skill 8x2

Gotta be the CPU

Just curious, is the CPU overheating? It might cause downclocking and FPS drops…

yah just noticed 100% cpu usage and temp also 100 while playing FFXV and tw3 :frowning: what am i supposed to do now?!

stock cooler?


There’s your problem, stock crap :slight_smile:

A while back the Intel stock cooler had a copper core to help the dissipation of heat, now they’re all aluminium, and therefore suck even more :confused: Get a better cooler if you can.

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Buy thermal paste, isopropyl alcohol, and a can of compressed air. Remove cooler, clean it out with compressed air. Clean off old thermal paste with alcohol. Apply new thermal paste, reinstall cooler. Might just be bad paste and dust bunnies.


i cleaned the dust before. i have to go the market to buy thermal paste so i am thinking i should get a cooler from cooler master. not the fancy kind. something within 25 usd.

Yeah, a new cooler would be good. Be sure to check those reviews too.

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