ButtStallion's finished games in 2019


South Park The Fractured But Whole Season Pass (Hard) : :spiral_calendar: January 4th | :stopwatch: 7 hours | :clipboard: 6,5/10
Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth : :spiral_calendar: January 5th | :stopwatch: 15,5 hours | :clipboard: 9/10
Battletech : :spiral_calendar: January 28th | :stopwatch: 52 hours | :clipboard: 8/10
The Evil Within (Survival) : :spiral_calendar: January 31th | :stopwatch: 16 hours | :clipboard: 5/10
SOMA : :spiral_calendar: February 8th | :stopwatch: 9 hours | :clipboard: 7/10
RAGE (Hard) : :spiral_calendar: February 17th | :stopwatch: 12 hours | :clipboard: 5/10
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter : :spiral_calendar: February 18th | :stopwatch: 10 hours | :clipboard: 7/10
Batman Arkham Origins : :spiral_calendar: February 24th | :stopwatch: 23 hours | :clipboard: 7,5/10
Batman Arkham Knight : :spiral_calendar: March 2nd | :stopwatch: 27 hours | :clipboard: 8,5/10
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (Hard) : :spiral_calendar: March 15th | :stopwatch: 16 hours | :clipboard: 7,5/10
Mafia 2 (Hard) REPLAY : :spiral_calendar: March 16th | :stopwatch: 15 hours | :clipboard: 6/10
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered : :spiral_calendar: March 18th | :stopwatch: 9 hours | :clipboard: 7/10
DmC Devil May Cry REPLAY : :spiral_calendar: March 25th | :stopwatch: 11 hours | :clipboard: 7/10
Epistory - Typing Chronicles : :spiral_calendar: March 27th | :stopwatch: 5,5 hours | :clipboard: 7/10
Swords and Soldiers HD : :spiral_calendar: April 9th | :stopwatch: 5 hours | :clipboard: 5/10
This is the Police : :spiral_calendar: April 11th | :stopwatch: 27 hours | :clipboard: 6/10
Binary Domain : :spiral_calendar: April 11th | :stopwatch: 8 hours | :clipboard: 7/10
She Remembered Caterpillars : :spiral_calendar: April 18th | :stopwatch: 4 hours | :clipboard: 6/10

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Finished SP yesterday and The Pillars of the Earth today. Thank you @ShiftySatchmo again for the key, I chose the best from that list :smiley:



Yakuza is better




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You are meh



You are meh on steam



You are kslt9



Finished Battletech, I need the season pass :smiley: winkwink



Thanks to @Zmajuga for the great challenge template, I will do this way as well this year. I have no patience with imgur to upload screenshots like last year.

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South Park The Fractured But Whole All DLC so far (Hard) - 2019.01.04. - 6,5/10

Started the year with something funny. Bought the Season Pass during winter sale. Just before talking about the story dlcs: Do not buy the season pass full price, -75% at least. But I guess I am the only one here playing SP. From Dusk Till Casa Bonita is a very short dlc with vampire kids in the famous restaurant. You get a new hero class but that is all. Nothing memorable. The Bring The Crunch dlc is almost triple the size of the first story dlc and it is better as well. A new hero class again but with much more story, cinematics, quests, Mint-Berry Crunch as new companion, sick dead jokes and stuff to do, I liked this one way better. This is real South Park. Love it.

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Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth - 2019.01.05. - 9/10

Amazing story, hundreds of beautiful handpainted backgrounds, the soundtrack, the voice acting…This is not even a game, but art. Loved every minute of it even when sometimes was a little slow. This is how you make a good point and click game Telltale, just saying. I know this is not a popular genre and not many people play this kind of games but give it a try until there is a Wolf among us 2 or something. Oh and after the game I am thinking of reading the book as well.

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Battletech - 2019.01.28. - 8,5/10

After hundreds of hours with XCOM I needed a new turn based strategy game in my life and started Battletech. First it was confusing, complicated, the interface looked like a mess and I got beaten pretty soon. I needed at least 10 hours with it to make some sense but totally worth it. Amazing visuals as 100 ton battlemechs smashing each other in close combat or launching a barrage of missiles from miles away. Strategy is important, little details and little mistakes can win or lose a battle. The campaign was good, nothing memorable, few but enjoyable main missions. Played it without the season pass which promises more story campaign, more mechs, more maps, more of everything. Beat the game in 51 hours with some learning and doing the tutorial twice and several skirmishes. Very good game for turn based strategy fans, recommended.

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The Evil Within (Survival) - 2019.01.31. - 5/10

Started to play as a couch party game with friends. You know, you have beer, you have a big TV, some friends and playing a survival horror during the night, switching controller each time someone dies. Definitely not my type of game but the others like this genre so I had no choice. Finished more than half the game together and somehow we never managed to finish it together. Until I got bored and finished it alone. It was pretty hard for me because I am not into this kind of horror games and the survival difficulty is a pain in the ass but somehow did it. Never going back to this game, rot in my Steam library :smiley:

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SOMA - 2019.02.08. - 7/10

It surprised me how I liked this game. I was never a big fan of horror and survival games but I started to train myself with The Haunting of House Hill, The Evil Within and some movies. I noticed I like coming back to this post apocalyptic, disgusting, dark game. The main reason is the interesting and great story. It has meaning and purpose not like in most horror games. The scares are not cheap jump scares but real, noisy and creepy monsters, hate them all. Now I feel like I need to continue with that famous Alien game.



You’re on fire!



I agree, Soma is a great story.

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RAGE - 2019.02.17. - 5/10

Started because all of the hype about RAGE 2. I knew about the game, I knew it is rotting in my library for years now, it was time to finish it. This game is sooooo Meh, avarage, this should be the definition of meh. Gunplay is okay, the driving is okay, the world is okay…just nothing memorable after ten minutes. Borderlands has better gunplay and fun and atmosphere, Mad Max has better driving and even story. I wouldn’t even say it was fun while it lasted because it was boring. 3 types of enemies during the entire game, no final boss, 10 second long “this is why i finished it?” ending. This game is just too simple. And because I am kind I won’t even count in the annoying, terrifying, lowest resolution texture pop ins I saw in recent years. It did not age well.



Once I decided to marathon through this game, I like it more… but yeah, was not great

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Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter - 2019.02.18. - 7/10

I am on fire…I play a lot of games simultaneously so this can happen…aaaand it is my 20th perfect game on Steam yaaaay. About the game: I enjoyed it. A lot more than Rage for example. The cases had good story, the detective work is fine. It is simple but I liked the deduction parts where you need to connect clues and build the case. If you missing clues you can make some horrible judgements. So the detective part was fine but the controls, the mini qte events and some nonsense story elements were not. Play it only if you are an adventure/puzzle fan.



I love that game. It’s nothing mindblowing but it’s good.

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