ButtStallion's finished games in 2019


I’ve always been intrigued by the Sherlock games but never pull the trigger on one



This was my first Sherlock game, it was decent and one of the better ones according to Steam reviews. @sYnCroSis try the first case it is a great sample of what the game is all about.


Batman Arkham Origins - 2019.02.24. - 7,5/10

Finished the base game almost 100% and the Mr. Freeze story dlc as well. Setting and storywise I still like Asylum better but Origins has the most fluid, fun combat and gameplay mechanics. It was great to see when it all started, Bruce meets Joker the first time, Gordon chasing Batman. Not a big fan of any Marvel or dc comics but the Joker is the best character ever created, love it. Batman would be boring without him so I hope he is in Arkham Knight as well because that is my next game.


Joker is the best character ever created?! I hope you mean best character ever created in DC universe, right? RIGHT?!


I don’t know who is dc who is marvel what the difference is, but i would say one of the best character created in any universe ever :smiley:


Good that you corrected yourself. He is indeed one of the best but definitely not the best.


He is in Knight (as I’m replaying it as I type this) but you’re in for some surprises


Also I liked Asylum better than City and Origins, but Knight is absolutely the best


There was a limited 8 issue series from 2017-2018 (you can get it in a single trade paperback now) called White Knight. It’s a “what if” where the Joker is the hero and Batman is the villain. Pretty interesting if you like the character. Check it ouuuuut


Only played about 90 minutes with Knight but it feels great. This is the biggest update in the series. City and Origins were almost the same as Asylum they just added a new map and a weapon or two and done but this is different. The visuals, the size, the cinematics…I know the game had a rough launch, but i feel nothing years after it :smiley:


Yeah they fixed all those issues a while ago. The graphics are way better, it is much darker and more serious, and finally, the batmobile


Since you and I are playing it at the same time, let’s both beat the crap out of @DANTE’s high scores :stuck_out_tongue:


After I almost maxed out Origins I don’t know if I have the will to do it again in Knight, but I already selected you as rival on the leaderboard :smiley: May the better win :smiley:


You’ll want to max this one, Batmobile challenges are legit


Batman Arkham Knight - 2019.03.02. - 8,5/10

Damn you Nigma. I won’t do it again. Everything else 100%. Best Batman in the series. Big, beautiful city in chaos, flying, driving, most enjoyable fighting, a lot of cutscenes, great story, challenges, DLCs, and of course Joker, more Joker than in the previous three games…everything you need in the final episode. Really enjoyed it, totally recommeded. Now I want to play something else than Batman but I won’t uninstall it, i still need to beat those short episodes in the main menu.


You’re not getting off the hook that easily. I’ve been enjoying beating all of your AR records. YOU BETTER MAKE IT COMPETITIVE!


MAKE IT COMPETITIVE. So I started DmC because I think it a great game and never finished it. And what did I find. Yes, leaderboards. And sad to see a hack and slash noob like me can beat you guys :smiley:



What does that have to do with Nigma!?!? Weeeeee


Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - 2019.03.15. - 7,5/10

I wanted to give this game a higher score because I loved it. The atmosphere, the combat, the gameplay, the fun tactic. But because of the lenght of the game, the few abilities, weapons and enemy types I can’t give more. An awesome game from a small studio who created something unique I hope they can continue this series and grow with it. They only need to fix my previous concerns and it can be a serious challenger in the xcom genre. Recommended especially it is cheap in March from Humble Bundle Montly.