ButtStallion's finished games in 2019


A couple of my friends gave similar review of the game. I’m waiting for Phoenix Point but I’ll also play this one. :slight_smile:


How long is the game?


I finished it under 16 hours on hard with several reloads and team wipes.
See first entry for more info :stuck_out_tongue:


Mafia 2 - 2019.03.16. - 6/10 - REPLAY

Replayed Mafia 2, because I needed the Steam achievements…and somehow I have the dlcs so I thought what the hell. I still like the game, the first game is forever in my all time top5, sadly Mafia 2 is not even close. It is fun, has some good story and free roaming the city is always great but I feel like something is missing and I never figured it out what. Avarage, but good fun once in a while. Oh and the DLCs are horrible, tried every one and had to quit. +1 point for the Playboy collectables :smiley:


Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered - 2019.03.18. - 7/10

This game was suggested to me when it released…in 2005. Well better late then never. I don’t know why it is remastered except maybe a widescreen support but played with it. It was a good and interesting story, kept me interested all the way to the end but damn those fcuking annoying QTE events. Even during cutscenes. Most ivasive and useless implementation of qtes I experienced as a player. If this why they called it “interactive movie” back in that time… Excluding that it is a decent adventure game and recommended for the fan of this genre…but probably I am the last one to finish it.