Darksiders 3 Leaked

Instant want #2

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Finally! Hooray!

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I hope it is more like the first one than the second, the first was a masterpiece and the second a bitter disappointment.

Won’t do an instant buy, but I’m looking forward to continue the story. :smiley:

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I like the lore in these games and they were both really solid games that didn’t do much wrong. Always meant to revisit them since the remakes/updates. Now I got a good excuse. Zmajuga said it best though, probably not an instant buy but awesome to see it continue.


Pretty and boring mihihi

Gotta say that whip doesn’t seem super thrilling to use in combat. Indy Jones platforming and swinging looks fun though. Hope the alternative weapons are there and are worthwhile alternatives in battle.

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schlitty I only liked the visuals and that’s about it haha

schlitty I agree about the whip. I also don’t like it being a female character seeing as it is LOOSELY based on the Bible and the 4 horseman were all male in the Bible. I do like that the art seems to be much closer to the first one than the second one.

Topic revived :smiley: New gameplay video. I hope this will be better than the second episode


buttstallion I like it!

I still hope there’s more weapons than just the whip! But with all the whipping platforming (which I still like) I’m getting worried.

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schlitty If the follow the first she will have 3 anyway.

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Looks like they’re going super low poly so consoles can do 60fps.

Not sure where you see the low poly but in the trailer above, the game looks pretty Darksiders-ish style to me xD

Looks low poly enough for 360 ps3 and wii u to run it just fine. I’ll likely play the game, but the graphics are not impressive in any way shape or form.