Darksiders 3 Leaked


It has style :stuck_out_tongue:


A lifeless low poly style. We’ll see how it is at launch. I don’t mind dated graphics, but you’d think the trailer would at least look nice.


Well, Darksiders always looked like this and I’m honestly glad DS3 didn’t change graphically. It has its own style which is cool. Darksiders isn’t known for the visuals anyway :sunglasses:

Hopefully the combat is smooth. That’s what’s important.


As the others said it has it’s own style, though there is a difference between the first and second and this looks more like the first to me which I like, I just hope they don’t ruin it like they did the second one.


New trailer


Saw them talking on their channel that it is going to be much more like the first, that makes me a happy camper.


The ost of the darksiders series is still amaaaaaazing.

Darksiders III is set for release on November 27, 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One


This is one that I am going to get, I have a coupon for $50.00 off from Gamestop and will buy it from them. And yes, the series has an amazing OST and is what got me into OST’s along with The Witcher series.


This is definitely looking good. I think I beat the first one way back in the day, I’ll have to give them another go.





I’ll keep it on my list for a short while until I hear more. I hate all dark souls games and if this one is dark souls minus the fun, well it’ll be off my list soon.


Which part of the game is souls-like? What the hell is Jim talking about? Did he even play the soulsborne games?


I guess souls-like because there are fewer but tougher enemies and Fury has less health. No horse, no hack and slash, no Darksiders.


He explains his thoughts in the video.


A game being hard doesn’t make it a souls gammmmme. To me the main soulsy thing is dropping your experience when you die and being able to recover it. Does this have that?


I’m not sure on the souls factor, but it also doesn’t have any of the things that made the first two games good. Souls-like or not souls-like doesn’t really matter at this point…or at least I can’t be bothered to debate about how souls-like it is/isn’t.


Tried the game for an hour and half with my cousin. It’s just not it.
Refunded it.
Advice: Wait for the bigger discount.


Exactly my plan after the reviews. Thanks :smiley:


I had VERY high hopes for this, but from what I am seeing I am glad I could not get to Game Stop to get a Steam Card. I hated the second one and thought that it looked like it was going to be more like the first but I am just not sure now.