Demon's Souls (PS5)

I did. Yesterday. Cool nice cutscene appeared afterwards. Ill show the screenshot of the item that I got after beating it.

You’re the easiest class

No trophy? Sounds like a waste of time

Yeah, I honestly thought the trophy would pop…it is indeed a waste of timeeeeee

That screenshot is taking a while to put together in photoshop… zzzzzz

I dont even have time to turn the console on…

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I love it. I want to take four months to beat the game and still finish before you. That’s the dream!!!


I beat two bosses @Katsuo you better hurry up!

Kinda only game i wanna play but my work with overtime is insane lol

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I want to play it as well. I can’t get my hands on a PS5 though.

I rent it with discount from my neighbour which owns a game arcade shop. Not a smart investment for me right now because I want to buy a plot of land.

If you paid a lot of money just to play an “okay” 15ish hours souls game…its definitely not a smart investment xD

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But damn if it isn’t pretty. I never thought I’d say this about a souls game, but I’ve been playing it to relax. This one is kind of therapeutic. I could see myself playing it another time or two as a different class.

I beat this in the wee hours of this morning. Overall, I don’t regret playing it. It was fairly short and had a lot worth seeing and doing. I got a little bored by the end though, I will admit. Worth playing to see what started souls life. I’d say 6/10 in large part because I am impressed by BluePoint.


  • Very pretty! BluePoint should make more games and From Software should make games with better graphics
  • Awesome music
  • Surprisingly cool level design for how old it is (they didn’t change that stuff)
  • Insanely fast loading times
  • Interesting lore if you don’t mind picking up the scraps like most souls games


  • They didn’t fix glitches or AI so maybe a little toooo faithful to the original
  • Too easy after playing the newer souls games. I started using melee more than magic here and there to make it harder but then was like meh because it wasn’t very hard still so I just stuck with the combo.
  • Magic is overpowered to the point it was broken. By the time I realized it I was too invested and didn’t want to try changing things. The range and power of magic makes it feel like you are cheesing everything even when you aren’t trying to. I made it through a fairly difficult stage only to kill the boss in 30 seconds (seriously). The boss slowly walked towards me so I shot it with magic and it died before it reached me.
  • The very last boss of the game just kind of writhed around on the ground slowly towards me and I killed it with magic too. I never saw it attack even when it got close to me so maybe it was a fake boss or something? It is part of what made me feel bored.
  • I read modern articles about how people think it is hard and it made me sad because that means people are terrible at video games.

Ok didn’t think you would rate it that low. I agree with the score though, the OG Demons Souls was 6/10 for me too. I don’t think it will change after I beat the remake though. I’m not gonna lie but I enjoyed Bloodborne way more than Demons Souls and both are pretty.

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You can’t rate the OG Demons Souls if you haven’t beaten it :smiley:

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Ahh that’s why you haven’t rated it yet

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I beat Demon’s Souls before you were born!

Are you 80???