ShiftySatchmo: Games I Beat in 2021

Continuing to beat games it seeeeems.

1/3/21: I beat Monster Hunter World on PC. ~ 40 hours

1/4/21: I beat Gears 5 on PC ~10 hours

I beat Monster Hunter World on PC. It was pretty fun co-op with @teh_g and @nanderman. Took about 40 hours. Going to do the expansion next.


Is the ending good? I stopped playing because of the lost save file. Thinking about starting it again but this time on PS5.

Good as in you fight a lot of cool looking dragon doodads. I enjoyed it. One of the last monsters is like the blood starved beast with wings

I beats Gears 5 with @teh_g and @sYnCroSis. It was the worst Gears. Pretty boring and meh. It was pretty and you shoot some stuff. The multiplayer TDM and such was a lot of fun though. 6/10