Detroit: Become Human

This is my next game! I don’t think I need to explain anything, you all know the game.

When I did a search with the name spelled properly I didn’t find an existing thread that was dedicated to just the game. However when I started composing it showed me similar threads in the preview window:

I still chose to make this new thread based on spelling of both the title and the first sentence in the other thread.

Oh, also if you want a solid 30fps, you’ll need a pro ; ]


The similar threads is too smart.

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If you want a solid 30 fps, you don’t need a pro. The game has a stable framerate even on PS4 slim.

Not according to DF. Also slim doesn’t add additional cpu/gpu power, just adds hdr. Otherwise devs would have to have 3 sets of graphics options instead of two. So no point in diferentiating between vanila and slim when refering to framerate or resolution.

So yes you need a pro for a solid 30. Drops down to 25ish often on base ps4. Especially in crowded areas.

Not sure who or what DF is but they sure are wrong. I finished Detroit twice and the framerate dropped only in the beginning where Markus went to the store. That’s…once…for few seconds. After that, I never had any lag spikes. The only downside was that the console was louder than a helicopter while playing the game. Again, pro is totally not needed unless someone can’t stand lag spikes, not even for a second.

You’re probably just more accustomed to non-stable frame rates. I can get used to a stable sub60 after a couple days. I can’t get used to unstable. Digital Foundry shows it to be mostly unstable and close to 25fps a lot of the time.

I might be accustomed to disgusting framerates but I’m definitely not blind. Yet. But heeeeeeeey, at least you trust DF more than me XD

Also, check when was the article posted from DF. The game was patched few times so maybe that’s why I didn’t have any frame drops.

Maybe. With at least 8 characters.

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Maaaaybe* :sweat_smile:

Too bad it wasn’t a cinematic 24 fps :laughing:

@teh_g can you please set that limit to 1 already! lol

I would prefer the anime framerate. 6 to 12 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’ll just keep quiet about my phone…


This game was developed by Apple

I wouldn’t mind if that were reality because that would mean apple would have started putting decent hardware in their computers and it wouldn’t be a sony exclusive.


ORRR they’d have a linux build because if they made it only for OSX then only people with the new $10k imac pros (vega56 or 64) could actually play the game which is like 7 people. So they’d need more people to buy it but still too dooshey to release a windows build.

This game is pretty damn good btw! : ]


Just beat it! Everyone died and only two were worth it lol! Excellent game though! Recommended!


Now finish the other 300 endings xD

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I was watching a Youtube video of the game last night. Paused it half way through the video, opened amazon and bought the game. I know what I’ll be playing this week.