Discourse Migration COMPLETE!

It took an insanely long time (running overnight on a local VM), a little bit of money (with longer term savings), and some spit shine, but we are now on the new forum backend!

I think most things should work out of the box. Biggest thing that appears to be missing is any existing mentions, but we can live without that.

You should be able to login with your previous username and password. You can always do a password reset if that does not work.

Please comment here with questions or if anything isn’t working right.


Working like a charm! :heart_eyes:


Only old smileys dont work in old posts, but that is totally fine.

Glad it works. I was a bit worried :smiley:

You might be able to fix that manually by editing the post (if it is yours).

Not that important :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also can’t zoom large pics on mobile.

I’ll probably get used to it, but it seems yucky, loosey goosey, and crap on mobile.

Also can we get actual black instead of sun-faded black shirt?

How do I block discobot?

I have no idea what’s where and who’s what where why

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Also quote button is missing.

@teh_g make a tutorial how to use all of this.

Oh my god this thing has badges aka achievements. MY CHEEVOS SENSES ARE TINGLING


Be sure to mute discobot if he ever messages you.

I’ll poke around at the themes that are available.

Can you link an example picture so I can poke around at it?

I think he only sends the first message, unless you reply to him.

This was weird for me at first, the default is to quote based on selection. So you select the text to quote. You might be able to dismiss that with this:

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I don’t get what you mean for the quote thing. The long ass image I posted up there is unviewable (can’t zoom to see anything proper) on mobile.

I was able to get it to zoom and scroll on my phone.