Division 2 beta key


Who wants a private beta key? Xbox One, PS4 and PC compatible.




Yeah, I guess I’d try it on PC unless someone else is drooling to try it.


Decided. Finally I can give something back to @ShiftySatchmo. I will send a pm with the code. Tell us how is the game.


Thanks! :partying_face:


But do it fast you don’t have much time :smiley:



I should have time tonight


I activated the registration or whatever but I guess I need to wait for a code to download it.



Cant wait to see Andrew complaining how the enemies bullet spongey are in a mmorpg game


I’m fine with that as long as it isn’t boring. The first Division was kind of boring (I beat it around launch time).


It will be boring


It’s amazing


The first one seemed like 3rd person destiny without aliens. Basically the same game. I’m hoping this one has something new.


You silly people. You shouldn’t work QA for free. Wait for the actual game or a paycheck before playing this are my words of wisdom.


I have it on Beta on PC, but as much as I like Div 2 I might get it on Xbox One if I get it.


At the begining first one was really nice but I got bored very easy… played for like 5 hours and then I was looking for dogs appearing all over the game. It was way more interesting for some reason


Hey, just be glad I’m not pre ordering it :wink:




You monster