Division 2 beta key


Tried it. Killed 245 crazy berserk females and 64 shooter males. Game sucks. Uninstalled. Won’t buy.


Coming from someone who was never interested to begin with, I find you’re analysis unfounded. It’s a beta. It’s not a final product. The people playing it, including you, are just free bitch labor to get analytics, stress testing, and potentially bug repro feedback.

The same people trumpeting “don’t preorder” should be also saying “only play the final product instead of being an unpaid QA bitch”.


I mean, if someone is excited about a game wouldn’t it be worth it to them to help make the game better before it comes out?


I agree. I like to taste the game in beta and if I like it, I send them bug reports. If don’t, I state my opinion of the game and uninstall it. After all it’s free. I used to try demos all the time in late 90’s and early 2000’s.


I don’t think I’ve ever played a beta and then have played the full game and was like whoaaa this is completely different. Therefore, it seems like a fine way to try a game without dealing with refunds and crap.


A bitch is a bitch. If the game aint done, you’re doing free QA. Move on to something else. When it’s done try a demo. A demo is a slice of the final product. A beta is free labor.


Meh, I don’t care.


You don’t want to do it, then don’t. Why bitching about?


Not bitching, just pointing at them.


Gears of War 3 Beta was better than the final product. 3 maps and pre watered down gameplay. I’m glad we sunk a lot of time into that beta @ShiftySatchmo @teh_g @nanderman


I have a key too, I should probably use it. I like using the beta as a sort of demo.


Works both ways. Beta’s, if it works according to plan, are also less expensive advertising. All I’m saying is, let them be. You have lots of finished games to chose from.


Yeah I mean I see your point too. The Gears 3 example was just a surprise that the gameplay felt close to perfect and then they went on to ruin a lot of it in the final.

Speaking of betas/demos, now that I’ve been playing the RE2 remake, it reminded me I played the original demo probably 20 times while I waited for it to come out because I was so excited for it. Old school demos were ones I looked forward to because information was scarce outside of my Gamepro magazines and the demos gave me a chance to finally see what a game was all about. I don’t remember the last time I played a demo/beta though because of said backlog…


Well, @gord0 got his wish because I can’t play it anyway haha. I am too lazy to try to figure out why it doesn’t work. Sorry I wasted the key @ButtStallion but it seems like I won’t be getting this game :laughing:


Strange I had no issues with the launcher it self, only issue I ran into was day 1 of the private beta with disconnects, progression blocking and character reset the first few hours.


I heard about some problems like you need to restart the client every 2-3 hours and don’t accept an invite without a running game.
Don’t worry the key is not wasted, i won it somewhere and I never intended to use it :smiley:


It’s not my “wish”. My wish is that companies would spend less on advertising and more on QA. You never see Nintendo doing betas. They pay the money for QA. Most of their games can go patchless because they QA’d the fuck out of them.


They did a bunch of “global test fires” for Splatoon 2. Stress testing servers.


Yeah, see that’s sloppy and not worth it haha. Anyhoo, the first and only thing I tried was restarting the client and it didn’t work so I uninstalled.


Splatoon is all peer to peer. What were they testing? Don’t pick nits. Free QA is a bitch’s job.