*DONE* Shadow of the Tomb Raider (that's the new one) Give Away!

To make my give away library less cluttered I’m making this its own thread.

I have one code for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I won it from gamechanger but already own it.

If you would like it, post here and say so by Saturday morning ( whenever I wake up Pacific time). I’ll dump everyone into Excel and randomly select.

While you wait, I have a bunch of other game codes sitting around that don’t involve a random drawing. You can ask me for any of the games in this list that are available and they’re yours. Some goodies in there. ShiftySatchmo's Giveaway Libraryyyy

Current people entered:
@gord0 < this guy won


So far the entrants are @ArsonDV and @schlitty

I was joking mate I leeched two games one for Christmas one for my birthday so I’m good until 2020 hihihig

Too late. It’s official

This one is actually on my list and it’s literally next after spider-man. I’ll put my name in on this one,


Sign me up! Wouldnt mind trying the new Tomb Raider :smiley:

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This might sound weird but i always thought you look like a lumberjack with a huge black beard so if papito draws me it’s yours :rofl:


No thanks, but cheers for sharing :slight_smile:

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May I enter too?

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When are you going to giveaway division 2 for me?


You can give me the code now if you want

Sorry, you missed it

The only thing I missed…

Was you

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<3 <3 <3

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@felogen put your name there u like the franchise

So do you?

If it’s ok with everyone, I’d like to enter, but since I don’t really contribute to the site (lurker), it would also be ok if you prefer not to add me to the list.


I haven’t finished the second one yet i want to finish second one first. so i will pass

Maaaybe I’d like it XD

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