*DONE* Shadow of the Tomb Raider (that's the new one) Give Away!


The only criteria is to say you want to enter, and you did that.


Thank you for the chance :slight_smile:


and thank me for tagging you wtf?! -_-


I’m going to pass on the giveaway since I haven’t played a tomb raider game since the PS1 and I would like to someday start the reboots (from the beginning though). I’m more curious how I can lock down a A++ Waifu like yourself.


Ahh, back in the cone boob days.


I’ll throw my name in this hat. I played the first one, 2013 or whatever, and do play to play Rise (which I own) and this one, soon as they come up in my rotation.

which may be 2040, but… if its free and Shifty isn’t paying for it, then thats ok. :wink:


Looks like 8 people so far. Please check to make sure you’re on the list. There’s still time to enter too


@teh_g back then it’s all you needed.


OH, this is for steam right? If not, I’m totally not interested.


Yeah, it’s steam. I’m not a monster! :rofl:


Yes you are


I would like it myself. Thanks for the chance and good luck everyone.


Good luck everyone! Skipping the giveaway and silently running away. XD


i hope @felogen doesnt win this. that nigga is too much shy to thank me infront of everyone >_<


Might want to reword that


why though ? :expressionless:


Congrats @gord0



Key sent. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Not sure about in your country, but in other countries the N word is highly offensive and frowned upon.


its not offensive here at all. we use the “N” word who is close to us like close buddies. @felogen knows that too as we are close buddies