Driving Game Clips.

So I need a racing wheel. Project cars will need some improvement on my part:

My cheapo wheel is half broken and I need to get a new one. I found one reasonably priced - $70 Logitech driving force GT. I think I will pick it up this month. Just got back into Dirt Rally and I have Project Cars (yet to be installed).

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I did my recordings as well some time ago, when I didn’t have a racing wheel. It was wierd to learn how to drive with a wheel and pedals after I spent around 10 years playing racing games on the keyboard. But totally worth it. I support your idea to get one. I have a Thrustmaster T150, very happy with it.


ButtStallion Seriously nice driving and for F1 two very god choices in tracks. Your lap of Hungaroring was most impressive, the lines and use of track is great. Lastly, if you doing Spa, you have no choice, but to drive with the King of Spa.
May I ask if you like the car “slidy” like that.

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Been thinking of getting a G29, but it is very pricy and I have kids, so both the wheels you guys have are on my hitlist. Can get the G29 on a payment plan, but that idea in my mind is not the way to pay for PC gear, sooo conflicted at present.

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Trainsmash even g25 is expensive over here. g29 is over 360 euros xD I found thrustmaster t100 for only 35 euros but I like Logitech Driving force gt more tbh

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Trainsmash I have more than a 100 hours in F1 2013 and I love Spa, my favourite track. Hungaroring is just because it is my home race :smiley: The car is very slidy because i try to accelerate very early and usually the back of the car wants to overtake the front :smiley: Something I need to balance more.


I always wanted more sports games on PC (only thing I miss about console) so I decided to try racing games. 100+ hours later on F1 2013 and I bought myself a wheel. I love my G27. Ended up pouring tons of time into Spintires and Euro Truck Simulator 2 when I first got it instead of racing haha. But now I got over 100hrs in Automobilista and its about all I ever seem to play these days. I’ll have to record some of my bad driving (and trust me, I’m bad!) to contribute to this thread. :race_car:

Spa gets my vote as favorite track too! Interlagos a very close second. Automobilista just added a Adelaide DLC and that’s my current love affair.


Spa is by far and away my favourite, but I have special place for Suzuka and Mugello (Forza console days).

WHAT you guys think of this wheel. Not much on offer in New Zealand for second hand wheels.
Xbox 360/PC wheel Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 italia http://www.thrustmaster.com/products/ferrari-458-italia

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I’d personally be hesitant to buy a wheel with no forcefeedback.

I’ve only ever had or felt my one wheel (Logitech G27) so I can’t really pretend to be an expert on all wheels. But it took me a long long time of shopping around and research before deciding to make the buy. At the time it was the best deal I could find for all the features. Unfortunately the new line of Logitechs have less features and much much higher prices. And used G27s can go for more than I bought mine new these days! But I will say the main appeal of getting a wheel to me was the forcefeedback. Feeling the weight of the wheel in the corners or rumbles going over curbs really makes the investment worth it. Its really fun.

Being able to feather a pedal and turn the wheel precisely is plenty of fun too so there’s fun to be had with just about any wheel. If its a matter of just more controlled input wheels and pedals do it even without forcefeedback. In fact a lot of the fastest “pro” sim racers in games like iRacing actually don’t like to use forcefeedback.

For me though, I’m just looking for an experience and the forcefeedback is a big part of it. Perhaps even the biggest.

My advice would to be to save up and look around and learn as much as possible. If that’s the wheel for you after you do all that, that’s the wheel for you. One thing is for certain, you don’t need a rig that costs more than a real car to have fun driving fake cars!

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schlitty Alrighty. Save up and get a G27, T150 or GT. Will aim for the G27, as I do like it better than the G29 for some reason. Seen one cons for the g29 online.

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Trainsmash I’m pretty sure the G29 is plenty good it just doesn’t come with the H-shifter out of the box for some reason. It has more steering wheel buttons than the G27 though since the G27 has buttons on the H-shifter. Its all give and take and figuring out what you want. Then like Logitech doesn’t officially support the software package for the G27 anymore and I’ve personally run into one or two Windows 10 issues that took some time to figure out. Pros and cons to all of them.

Also there’s a lot of Thrustmaster guys out there that swear by the pulley system Thrustmaster uses for the forcefeedback vs the gear system Logitech uses.

It’ll all come down to what sounds good to you and what you’re comfortable spending on a thing that only works with a select few games. That’s another consideration too; You will find yourself wanting/buying more wheel specific games too! More costs! There;s a little bit of guilt involved in spending the money on a “specialty” item. You feel obligated to use it! It took me a few months to just start enjoying it instead of feeling bad about buying it instead of a GPU or something haha. Its new software to learn too. Nothing is worse than buying a fancy new big ticket item then not being able to get it to work “right” in a game.

Either way. There’s never a rush, the games aren’t going anywhere. Get it when you can and know for sure what you want. Happy shopping!

I am about to give up on finishing my Simracer, never going to get the seat I want for it. Keep having things come up. I want this seat as it looks well cushioned.


I found a plastic bucket seat at a second hand store for a couple dollars like a year ago and have still yet to figure out how to make a rig or use it. It has just collected dust in the garage rafters. I just don’t know if I have the space for a full blown rig setup. I’d need something that moves in and out easily. My current setup works good, keep it right next to my desk and fold it out and am ready to go in a minute from my chair;

alt text

I know I’d enjoy a full setup more, but it just might not be practical.


schlitty I do love the watch dog keeping it safe. Protects the setup with its life I’ll bet?

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Trainsmash Protects it with her life! Funny you call it a dog; She actually plays fetch, chases her tail, drools, and is afraid of fireworks and vacuums. :dog:

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My H-Shifter and clutch pedal had been collecting dust since my Spintires days so I finally man’d up and have been playing with it recently. Here’s me grinding gears and eventually crashing a Caterham Supersport at Oulton Park in a ‘test day’ session (tire volume is kinda high, been practicing listening to them more for cues, not that that helped on the crash haha);

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My desk is mess and I just got the G27 to behave to my liking. A very nice toy. Five lap run of Spa in a car I never tried before, so hopefully circuit knowledge will help out.

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So you picked up a wheel Trainsmash !?? :smiley: :smiley: Fun times ahead! Time to jump inside that cockpit view and really start having fun!

I got a list of tips for the G27. The Logitech software it uses can be funky on Windows 10 sometimes and W10 can start recognizing it as a Logitech Driving Force GT instead of G27. So I got a step by step thing to fix that if it ever pops up. I might have a few other tips too. I’ll send you a private message later today with anything I find in my notes.

schlitty, yep picked one up for NZD250 (USD175) in great condition. Perfect timing. Yeah the G27 was picked up as Force GT, but the driver online worked a treat. Only big issue was the change view button needed reassigning.

I started off using cockpit and will get back to it. PCars is more challenging to control these beasts than I imagined, just need to feel out the SIM and feel out the slides and turn ins. I will get back inside soon enough.

Did a stint on f1 2012 last night in cockpit view.

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