Elden Ring Steam Library Share anyone?

I have been waiting for the price to reduce or coming it on sale but sadly the price in my region has increased XD

also its been a while i just dont wanna wait anymore so if anyone trust me enough to share their steam library with me i would appreciate a lot <3

Steam family share is region restricted so none of us can share the library with you since we are not on the same region.

soul blocked xD

Sadly you sold your console…you couldve bought elden ring for xbox or ps for about 35 euros retail.

welp :frowning:

My advice is become rich like Milisav.

I’m begging you to buy me a game every 2 days. In what way am I rich now???

You’re rich in…friendship? Also, you never ask me for games you weirdo haha

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trying for last 4-5 years but got more poor instead :3 i cant believe there was a time where i used to do major giveaways in GT and now i cant even buy a game for myself for months :3

Just a season of life. You can bounce back!

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Most of the new games are shit anyways. You are better off playing something older and have a good time.

As Shifty said, you are in a phase where life just slapped you really hard. I’m in the same boat since the energy crisis is hitting Germany really damn hard and everything just doubled in price. So, buying games in my case would be a really stupid idea.

Also Elden ring sucks. :slight_smile:


Hope so…

I saw you playing Elden Ring so I guess your problems are over and Elden Ring is life? Elden Ring IS life because it takes that long to beat it.

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You know what else Elden Ring is?

A pain in the ass.

A game you can’t beat because you’re the noobiest noob of all noobs?

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I fear I won’t beat it either Malenia is insanely hard.

yah someone shared with me i played around like 8 hours. I even skipped work yesterday xD
but sadly he had to revoke cause we didnt know we cant play games at the same time. so yah.
But i fucking loved it what i played so far. From Soft did an amazing job guys holy shit. they just made a better souls game from all previous tittles. Most satisfying moment for me that i could jump finally xD. and most funny moment for me i would say that i could crouch and hide behind the bushes xD
I cleared Morne Castle and the ez boss there. so yah thats it for me.

Also the world design is amazing. The perfect word for world design would be “Majestic”
Also i am kinda surprised with the enemy verity its not just dead zombies/corps anymore

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Bloodborne is in every way better than that ring. Fight me.

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