Elden Ring

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i completed Siofra River deep inside of that area up to the lift killed those 3 NPC there then went to a swampy area near Caelid feels like this area is kinda early for me now

You are getting very close to the end.

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I did Lunaria next. Killing the big boss of that area gives you a possibly useful feature for later in the game. There is a lot to explore in that area. I did Caelid after that but I don’t know if that was a good idea. That area in my opinion is harder than the Altus Plateau. Made the Altus Plateau kind of a cake walk for me once I got there.

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I did the same order as you.

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i reached Gelmir Hero’s Grave last night. and thats the worst place ever. i keep dying i keep losing soul. argh fucking nightmare. pure dark souls moment >_< gonna try tonight again lets see