Epic Store and all about it

This is the place to hate or love or just don’t care about Epic Store…but share all opinions.


Competition usually benefits the consumer so I am glad


Glad it’s a thing

Pretty much agree with everyone else so far. I’ve never used it and I don’t plan on using it. At least for now, but I am glad it exists. Steam has become complacent on the throne.


Same here.

I already have to use it to launch Fortnite, and they are giving me free games on it, and competition don’t hurt.

I don’t care about their store. At best it’ll make valve move slightly faster.

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So I’ve got a question-

You guys that don’t seem to care for Epic’s store, is it just Epic you don’t like? Or is it all of them, that aren’t steam?

Because Microsoft, Origin, and now Discord, humble, GoG, all have stores and not to mention all the crap out there that are console exclusives.

Just trying to figure out what is different, if you specifically just don’t like Epic’s version.

I definitely care. I saw a few games there that I will definitely buy and play. But they could add more features to the store. And they could also finish Unreal Tournament.

I prefer to keep my games in one place, and I used to Steam. Have Origin account for Mass Effect and Dragon Age trilogies, Uplay for HOMM but I still prefer Steam. But the competition is always good, so nothing against other stores.

I have no problem with all the stores. I have them all but only ever use Steam 99% of the time. It does everything I need it to. Galaxy is my #2 because I like to use GOG for specifically old games so it has its niche purpose for me. All the rest don’t have that for me. For now Epic is ‘just another’ store with no purpose for me. I downloaded it to check it out and claim Subnautica (even though I already have it on Steam). I was pretty shocked how little features it has. Epic store is the absolute barest of bare bones. Which again, was especially surprising to me since that Fortnite game is all about online play. I would consider that a legit knock. I mean it really has next to nothing. It’s cool they’re giving attention to Devs moreso than Steam might, but the customer is going to need more functionality and TLC than just free games if the Devs are going to have an audience to sell to. The Steam forums for Subnautica are where people playing on Epic Store freebie are talking about the game and asking questions which is just sort of a bizarre situation for a storefront that’s trying to become the it thing…

Just want everything in one library. I only have accounts for other drm because I was forced to…EA…cough…if the epic store sold steam keys, I wouldn’t have a problem.

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I am with @gord0, I am a very lazy and comfortable person, I want everything in one place. Steam and maybe GoG. HL3 will be Steam exclusive so I rather stay :smiley:

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I just add non steam game shortcuts to the library and pretend

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@Polekatt Nothing against Epic. I’m pretty much in the same boat as @gord0. I would prefer all my games to be in one library. My largest library is steam so having them all there would be nice. The only other launcher I use semi frequently is battle net because I have a lot of friends who play diablo 3, heroes, overwatch, and starcraft 2.

I think they just rushed to market with it. If it had some decent games and good features, I’d be OK with it.

I am totally pissed about The Walking Dead The Final Season. Skybound just fcuked all Steam users who have all the previous seasons. Even cd key sites run out of steam keys. I wont buy it on Epic Store. Sure I have season 1-2-3, 400 days and Michonne on Steam and get the last one in a different store. Hell no. Totally pissed.

I wonder how much epic paid them haha

Seems like I’ll be using epics game store quite a lot

i really don’t care the launcher if the game is good, i love the division (not at launch tho) but i believe i will get TD2 and Anthem for sure.

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