Epic Store and all about it


Thinking about TD2 my self have not made up my mind waiting to see how it goes after release.


Edith Finch is the latest freebie. Looks interesting.


It’s a weird game but worth a shot. Super short and more story than game.


Hell yeah, wanted to play edith.

Sounds sexy, right?


ffs Gabe, do something


I was mildly concerned until I saw it will be on steam a year later. It’ll take me longer than that to get around to beating last light anyway.


They updated it after I posted it lol :smiley: I am still pissed but okay, I didnt plan to buy it before a -70% winter sale discount :smiley: But I dont like this trend, GabeN need to do something quick.


I mean it doesn’t affect me any like shifty mentioned. But man, kinda bad form to do this at the final hour so to speak. Epic must’ve delivered a dump truck of money to their doors. :truck:


If it’s coming to steam anyway, then there’s no problem. It’s 86th on my list not including my current game Dad of Boy. By the time I get to it, it will be on steam.


I can’t believe how many salty gamers are “steaming” (pun intended) in “Metro community hub” right now. Well since I’m not a Steam shareholder I really don’t care where the game will be published. Steam has been shitty platform lately, with failed early access games all over it’s store and non existent quality control. To add that their 30% revenue model now has real competition, they’ll need to pull their shit together until they loose more revenue in the future. RIght now, I wouldn’t be surprised if CP2077 goes to EPIC and GOG store first.


I like the trend. Theoretically, it will make Steam better. Adapt or die, Steam!




Interesting. Epic is only taking 12% of sales revenue, which is why Exodus moved over. Also, it’s only $50 on Epic in USA. They are passing the savings to the consumer…this is new.


In the US…
I don’t know why those ppl so special :smiley:


I stand by saying “in the USA”. Don’t try to change my writing :laughing:


We spend more money on stupid crap. Wooo consumerism!


That is to say, more of us spend money on stupid crap.


Idk where the game is as long as I enjoy it playing xd


THQ Nordic isn’t ruling out more timed exclusives like Metro Exodus, but it would prefer to give players a choice.