Epic Store and all about it


Not a 100% sure it was really a metro developer and one dev’s opinion is not the publisher’s opinion. But still going to wait for a Steam release


who careeeeeeeeees


I don’t care much…but given they have some fuck-wit making public announcements telling people that if they’re not devs, they don’t know what they’re talking about, then they have a serious pr problem (moreso than before).

My drop in the ocean is going to be a tweet at them telling them I’m a game/simulations programmer and I aint buying their shit until it’s on steam. Chances are it’ll be on steam anyway due to how far down on my list it is.


I’m one of those people who literally don’t give a damn where the game is gonna be released. Steam is garbage lately and it’ll stay garbage until Valve overhauls pretty much everything.

Also this…

I hope this will happen. Getting salty because it’s on another launcher? I mean…dude.


How does skipping pc evade boycotts? There’s a million other reason for boycotts. What if they fuck up in another way and all ps4 players start boycotting? They’re going to abandon that platform too? Just sounds like a bunch of people who found a giant turd in their cheerios this morning and for whatever reason it escapes them as to why. Plus, Metro’s biggest player base is pc. The cooprorate twats would never leave so much money on the table.

Most of this is silly, but if they got some twat insulting the player base publicly, it’s only going to cause them to spend more money in damage control. Not worth it.


Haha like a dev has any say over how a game is released. The people at the top want money and they’ll find a way to make it.



I name @ButtStallion the bullet pointer. Instead of links, just tell us what the fuck is going on. It seems this topic is outdated the second anyone comments.


I should only post at the end of the day next time :smiley: Lesson learned :smiley:


It’s like watching live chat XD


“…what? fire is the new cold?..”