F1 2018 season


One of the few I don’t have to stay up til 2am to watch.


And the next US, Mexican and Brazilian GP :stuck_out_tongue:


5am starts on a Monday morning for me then.:cry::sob:


Max has no love for Vettel.


It’s pretty amazing how the Ferrari team can always make the wrong decision if they get a chance.


I feel for Riccy. Just the poorest of luck.


And just right after you sign for Renault :smiley: I would be pissed as hell :smiley:


Better than Sainz signing for McLaren. Hate seeing quality drivers settle in these seats knowing just how good they are. Settling like this leads to what could have been careers like Grosjean and Hulk.


Early waking, expected results. Vettel is now closer to Bot than Ham. :smiley:


Orcon misses out on 2019 by the sounds of it. Silly




Liberty just wants to have Hamilton secure it in America to try to capture more viewers. :wink:


Damn this logic conspiracy theory :smiley:


Now is it would be easily established from this thread. I am no Vettel or Ferrari fan. I do feel this robs us of a great race. Perhaps Vettel has surprises us or Kimi takes Hamilton out 1st corner. However, I feel FIA boxed into corner after handing out same penalty twice this year already.


Rubbish rule, as Chris Horner said.


Rubbish, but the rule is still active and it is the same for everybody while it lasts. There would have been even an even bigger backlash if Vettel did not get the same penalty as Ocon just because he is in a Ferrari and fighting for the championship.


It’s also consistent with Vettel’s season. He ruined it all himself. Kind of a flat ending we got to a season that looked like it was going to be insane to start. Way it goes sometimes.


Funny stat:

in 2017 (after 17 races): Hamilton – 331 points, Vettel – 265 points
in 2018 (after 17 races): Hamilton – 331 points, Vettel – 264 points

And last year’s Ferrari was not half as good as this year’s. But somehow they managed to score the same points :smiley:


Fcuk yeah, thank you Kimi. :heart: