F1 2018 season


Without knowing who hasn’t seen it yet. Awesome winner and exciting battle in last few laps.


Fantastic race


Kimi kimi kimi! That was nice to see.


Strange part, normally not in different garages. Usually a team.


No rest, race weekend again!


I want Kimi to win again. :smiley:


Red Bull with a strong weekend so far, giving us a reason to watch the race! I never wish the worst on drivers, but we are overdue for a fender bender up front… :open_mouth:


But RB is 10 km/h slower in the first sector where Merc and Ferrari can overtake. It will be interesting for sure. But until then: WTF1 + Kimi :smiley:


Ricc is cursed. Good for Max. Race put me to sleep around lap 21 though. Woke up when Ricciardo’s car blew up for the 5347295867239485th time. And then the last round of pits sealed the order.

Congrats to Hamilton. He was definitely the best driver this season and earned that 5th title.


Man Ricky only has bad luck. Good GP though, although exciting for other reasons, rather than on track action. Pity all Spanish speaking drivers DNF’d. Hamilton and Mercs showed class this season, instead of brute force of other seasons and well deserved. Ferrari had an excellent showing and even strategically beat Mercs. Real shock of the weekend was Haas. That car hates Mexico so bad even the Williams out classed it.


8th DNF for Ricciardo, damn. He is very unlucky, starting to feel like Kimi’s 2006 McLaren year. Congrats to Hamilton, he was the best this year for sure. Now both Merc and Ferrari driver can drive without team orders but carefully, because the constructor’s champoionship is still open.


Offtopic, but after 4 seasons and 105 hours in the game, I am the drivers’ world champion in F1 2017 :stuck_out_tongue:
Now to secure the constructor’s championship :smiley:


Been thinking about picking up an F1 game. Was thinking 2016.


Only posting for the treatment Hamilton gave Max in the first few corners. Treated like a bucking bull.


I recommend 2017 or 2018, I didnt like the 2016 version and the cars look and feel wierd nowadays with the smaller tyres :smiley:


Or F1 2013! … Oh wait.


Or F1 2013, yes, still my most played F1 game


Don’t worry I so have that and 2012 too. Issue that I had with 2013 was o bought a logitech G27 and upgraded to Win 10. Inherent issue, but somebody awesome here on GX gave me I guide, which I still have. Dialled in the wheel and saved profile. Off topic. Actually been playing Dirt Rally with wheel. Awesome


F1 2013 actually got removed for music licensing or some nonsense awhile ago! Can’t buy it anymore :open_mouth:


Hope I can re DL it still