F1 2018 season


Boys. Best comment ever.


A good season ends. Was close to a proper dog fight, but I fear an accident here and there cheated us of some great wheel to wheel action between Seb and Ham. They never seemed to be on the same piece of track. Some good racing and some drama across the. Definitely the most diverse season in a while. Only downside side the gap between top 3 and the mid 5 teams and the bottom 2. Cheers for putting up with my opinions boys. Looking forward to March when we kick off again.



Something for the weekend :smiley:


Racing Point F1? Not the most interesting name in the sport.
All racing seats taken, Stroll in the new Racing Point team (as suspected).


100 days until the next race :smiley:

Kimi is drunk



Sounds interesting, opinions?


Bring back the combined circuit! :stuck_out_tongue:


Turned my TV off to save money for a vehicle so I have missed most of the season. Is it over?


Title decided about 2 months ago now, season ended about 1 month ago now. :checkered_flag:




Hopefully they don’t make flacid. The way the track is lends itself to reward vs risk. Also provides opportunity to hunt your prey. Hope they don’t sterilize it.


Just after the new year. Bad time to make a change like that


Interesting… I thought last year Ferrari finally limited some strategy mistakes. And like you said, odd timing too.


A good article about Arrivabene and how he did his job. I liked him as a person, but maybe others know it better :smiley: Still, the timing is confusing. It would have been better with Raikkönen the same time at the end of the 2018 season.


Very interesting. Understand that they wanted development to continue with a bit of stability. Perhaps a drawn out political game. A strange one with 2 months to go.