F1 2018 season


Damn never noticed it. Maybe Liberty killed it. But I read the keys might still work if you buy one on shady grey market sites.


You can still DL it if you already own it. Just no new buys. Happens with lots of games that use popular music and the licenses run out. But usually they just patch the song out eventually or something.


They found the guy!! :smiley:


Until the next race, some good info on next year’s rules.





Close one between Mercedes and Ferrari. Both Ferrari driver starts on harder tyres so it will be more fun to watch. Leclerc is doing wonders again, I can’t wait to see this guy in a Ferrari.


Ocon vs Max :open_mouth:


It was a very exciting race, I didnt want it to end. Verstappen gets “public service” punishment for Ocon shoves. Kimi matches his 2005 and 2007 year record with 12 podium in a season. I hope Red Bull gets a great Honda engine so we can see a 3 way battle for the win like yesterday.


Max is a moron that does Not learn. Lewis and Kimi couldn’t get it through, literally see he couldn’t understand what they were teaching him. Won’t be champion when you drive like a child and Le Clerc gets a Ferarri next year. Only way it could be worse is if Ocon gets a Merc. Absolute fail.


Offtopic, but still motorsport. Sophia Floersch has been diagnosed with a spinal fracture after her terrifying crash in the Macau Grand Prix. Watched F3 and WTCR races in the morning live, this was shocking. Amazing how she survived a crash like that with that speed. I am still against city circuits with formula cars.


That was one of the crazier crashes ever. Macau is such a nutty track, but it’s usually the narrow areas not that! Glad she is okay. 11hr surgery was successful.


Last race of the year :frowning:


It’s official! 2019 will be fun!


Pity for Ocon though, but happy for Kubica. Glad that Sophia survived the accident. Was a proper horrible shunt.


Good for Kubica. Probably the right team for the comeback too, no crazy expectations. Just have fun. Mid field gets Ricc and Kimi, back markers get Kubica! Front runners get Leclerc. Should be fun up and down the grid!


Savage Kimi haha.


Good qualifying, hope to have a good race without restrains


The season is over! It was an awesome year and looks like 2019 will be even more fun!