F1 2019 season


Let’s start the new season with some confirmed launch dates :+1:
Oh and also for the first time ever, the pre-season testings are available to watch on F1 TV.



What a surprise :open_mouth:




Predictions or hopes? :smiley:
Well, 6 weeks to go, 2 winter tests until then. We’ll see. But I hope for an evenly screwed Merc and Ferrari. I mean they can both be strong but have awful races, like terrible tyre management, blown up engines etc. They will win but at least spice up things. RB will be nowhere with Honda and stuck between top teams and the second tier team on no man’s land. I hope for a surprise Alfa rebirth because Kimi needs more good races. Others can still make it to the mix or be the worst team this season, depends on how they solved the aero changes.


What do you think @schlitty? :smiley:


My dream is to have 5 teams fighting from race to race. Unpredictable winner 'till the end.


Haha, will never happen. :smiley: But hope it will be much closer with the cost cap from 2021.


Ferrari, Merc, RB, AND Renault all fighting! :wink:


Both Max and Pierre revealed their helmets on the RB youtube channel the last couple of days. Both feature a lot of white coloring… :thinking:


Love this old Lotus livery :smiley:


They should’ve gone full gold on all the logos, but it really doesn’t look bad at all. Kind of weird story with the Rich Energy funding and the drink being direct to consumer but supposedly having billionaire backing. Just sounds like some sort of weird scam, but hey, if they paid up like Haas says they did I guess they can do whatever they want with being the only gold parts haha.


And the new sponsor aim to beat Red Bull…on track and otherwise :smiley:




I dunno about that Williams look… I can’t say I hate it, but I dunno man.


Still looks better than last year’s livery imo :smiley:


I really like the colors but the cheap spray paint look kinda looks, well, cheap. Either way, anything will look good with Kubica back behind the wheel!


Formula One Lego car sold for 95,300 euros in Paris auction - Money goes to UNICEF. :+1:


Mercedes and RB Honda reveals today


I’m gonna say it: I don’t like that RB livery.