F1 2019 season


Don’t worry it is just the usual camo livery for the pre-season testings. :smiley:



A lot of surprising upgrades on the Sauber like the front wing or the stacked exhaust pipes.
A failed 2019 car or a surprise “best of the rest”?



Been checking the launches. I feel most of teams have bits to come. A few look polished, but none are complete. McLaren are either going to be on it or bad again. Dark horse IMO.


Don’t forget, pre-season testing starts on Monday in Barcelona. If you have F1TV sub, you can watch it live. Or read the summery I will surely post :smiley:


F1 Testing: Day One Live


Day 1 summery


Day 2 summary

And some extra:


Pretty embarrassing week for Williams.


And when they finally show up, they do 23 laps during the entire third day. I have a baaaad feeling about this. I predict they ruined the car and they will be a second slower than TR or any other mid team.


Day 3 summary


Listening to vlogs and highlights is annoying me. I have that itch, that Melbourne itch. I reckon we should make a prediction this year. Gentlemen’s prediction after second test on who will be the top 5 constructors by the end of the year. What do you say? While tmyou have patience with irritating opinions :slight_smile:


I read on more than one place that Mercedes is only the third best card right now. I would wait with the predictions until the end of the next week. They usually copy the best solution until then :smiley: I already made my 2019 f1 fantasy team on https://fantasy.formula1.com/ Maybe i was a bit hasty with the Mercedes and Ham :smiley:


Honestly feel you might be. Mercs are grunty. Always been, not sure this aero change will suit them. Vettel smiling ear to ear, which was the same when he had the best machinery at RB. Cause we know he doesn’t have the mental fortitude to do it on his own.


Merc always downplays their car and Ferrari always gets excited early. Not jumping to any conclusions there. RB surviving the early go with the Hondas but I also don’t trust that and wouldn’t jump to conclusions there. Then the rest are talking up their cars, as they should. The only sure pick is Williams in the back! :wink:


You got a league setup?


Created a GX league, you can join with this: 44d0955589


The winning team. :checkered_flag:



I will win :smiley: