F1 2019 season


I can see @schlitty entered the league but anyone can join not just F1 fans :stuck_out_tongue: This is the new challenge :smiley:
League code: 44d0955589


Day 4 is over, testing continue next week February 26-March 1



Day 5 summary

“Mercedes break down in afternoon, while Ferrari also hit delays”


2 weeks left for lights out and away we go.


Testing is over, 2 weeks as @Trainsmash said :stuck_out_tongue: I am hyped, can’t wait.


Not read this, Only first paragraph. I think FIA need ro man up and say, this is your front and rear wing. Enjoy.

This argument has been around in many forms, but I would love some degree of parity.


Just before the first gp. But not surprised after seeing the Williams during the tests.


Yeah, that ‘leave’ is probably going to end up permanent.


Williams is in a really bad place, but firing him won’t help. Would be nice to this pure racing team,historically the only owner team left. Ferrari, McLaren, Arrows, Tyrell… all “companies” or gone.
Need to see the last privateer back close to the front again.



They would only give a point for the fastest lap if you finish in the top 10 so it doesn’t matter if the slowest Williams takes a pit stop, do a fast lap and finish in 19th place, that does not count. Personally I like the idea, give it a year and if it is not working remove it.

Also the new F1 series on Netflix is available now, watched the first episode already. A good way to hype the new season.


Saw this and in 2 minds about watching it. Let me know if it draws you in. Not a fan of fastest lap point system. Winning has nothing to do with the out and out fastest lap. False economy and imagine losing a championship in the last race because the other has a terrible day in 10th and all he can do is pump in one lap in an entire race distance to best you for a championship.


The Netflix series is good. A very long revisit of the 2018 season with a lot of new inside footage, interviews. Already watching episode 4, binge watch is ooon :smiley:


It is official now:


This is beyond fun :smiley:




Came here to post this. Died away from family, uncool. RIP


6 am, FP2. The waiting is over.


Just purchased my F1TV subscription for the year. I’m ready for a good season!