Far Cry 5

Good news everyone. :smiley:

Looks like someone at Noobisoft evolved to have a higher IQ than amoeba and figured out what Far Cry fans wanted since Far Cry 3. I just hope they won’t screw it up or hid it under a sneaky micro-transactions.

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Playing with sYnCroSis \o/


Ubisoft is awesome!

shiftysatchmo lucky you :slight_smile: I will wait till this game is cheaper :slight_smile: and I hope that Todd this time will not run away from me in CoOps :slight_smile:

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mark2k77 I am lucky because he bought it for me XD

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shiftysatchmo \o/

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Well despite my thoughts about how they jam every idea into every game at least they’r late to the excessive microtransaction party. Everything seems to be cosmetic so far in the majority of their games, and then non-existant in singleplayer games. As the Co-op isn’t character based, instead your friend takes control of one of the hired hands, so there’s no point to spend money on cosmetics only you can see.

the hired hands mercenary idea reminds me of Far Cry2, a little.

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And I’ve just seen that AC:O has loot crates in it for a single player game, for crafting materials & skill points…

Now I expect the same in FC5

sgt_t8ie From what I heard, in the loot crates you can find only exotic skins for weapons and gear. Can you give me the sauce where you saw that the loot boxes give crafting materials and skill points? I’d like to hate a bit xd

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katsuo the “Worth a Buy” YouTube video, you can see them clearly in the video @ 1min in, but it’s worth listening to the lead in:

Thread resurrection! I’m playing this game now! I’ve only played a few hours but it definately is a far cry game. Which so far isn’t a bad thing. Having fun.
On the performance side, solid 1440p60 at ultra. The intro claimed it was optimized for ryzen and radeon… that may or may not have anything to do with it as I’m Ryzen cpu+nvidia gpu…

Anyway, will post more later!

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Funny thing about games that are AMD optimized is that every game is pretty much running pretty damn good on all systems. No matter if it’s Nvidia or AMD, Intel, Potato, Rice. While seeing games that are optimized for Nvidia or Intel, they usually run like trash on AMD systems.

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Blue and green spite ; ]

So far, I really enjoy the Vietnam DLC more than the main game.

I’m still having a lot of fun. It’s also more mayhem than I’ve seen in a far cry game. Yet somehow a mayhem that is satisfying to bring to order.

@Katsuo I know you’re all about achievements…perhaps you might want to check this out:

Also I’m lazy and figure you’ll break down what it is and if it’s worth using.

yay thread resurrection!

I love this game!!! the humor is hilarious, and it is typical Far Cry (which I’m a fan of) But I see negative reviews where people complain about the story, and such,and I’m like, have you never played a Far Cry before? this is exactly what I expect and want, just give me a loose setting with npc commentary setting the mood, let me run around and cause mayhem, and laugh while I’m doing it.

I’m running 3K ultrawide, whatever that resolution is, and it runs smooth as silk.

I just play casually, slowly, and deliberately, which is more enjoyable in the long run, so I’m only a little over a third of the way through the main game. But a friend and I ran the Vietnam DLC together and it was really cool. It really made us feel like we were there, with those vietcong popping up out of the bushes all the time. We were inadvertently whispering on discord to each other. LOL!!


I now feel comfortable saying I loved Far Cry Primal lol

I have that app installed for ages. It’s pretty cool. It gives you all the information about your games and they give in-game rewards sometimes. Few days ago I got a new R6 Siege charm, skin and gear for For Honor. A month ago I got followers in Watch Dogs 2. Not to mention that they notify you when an event starts in some games. I like the app.

Ah, sounds like more jank than goodness. I wouldn’t mind a powerful gun, but skins mean nothing. It’s first person, you don’t even need geometry (other than forarms and hands), let alone, textures. You only see yourself when you die.

Depends which game you play. Skins in R6 Siege are cool. You see the gun how it looks like and most of the time you see your whole character in the game. Skins and gear in For Honor are also cool to have. Especially the gear. Followers in Watch Dogs 2 are nice too. As you can buy tons of guns and gadgets with the followers. I don’t know anything about Far Cry 5 and what rewards you get from it but if it is only skins and nothing else, I would say the app is quite useless then.

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