This game looks pretty interesting. A co-op building game with wave defense I guess. Seems like it could be really fun.

This video does a good job going into some of the mechanics. Sounds like the only annoying piece is the “eventual free to play” model with pay to play now. Seems like it may be entertaining now though…

Katsuo already plays it XD

It’s legit one of the best co-op games out there. I played it (and still play it) with PeaceLeon and I’m pretty sure he’s enjoying Fortnite too!

Also, Fortnite is getting it’s own Battle Royale mode.


shiftysatchmo said in Fortnite:


It seems just like Sanctum. I do love me some Sanctum.

teh_g it’s like orcs must sanctum

shiftysatchmo said in Fortnite:

teh_g it’s like orcs must sanctum

I know, Orcs Must Sanctum die.

Anyone playing this stupid game? It is free and tried it some days ago with friends. So far it is surprisingly fun and we already achieved a #1 squad play. I would gladly play with you in my free time. I still need some learning how to play solo :smiley: Building is too complicated and I am too drunk :smiley:


Playing on ps4?

I stopped playing it. I actually liked the PvE version more :smiley:

ps4, what is that? :smiley: Serious people play on pc.

Woohoo, first duo win (Y) :smiley: Spam the rockets.


This game is insanely popular among early teens and athletes. Like every locker room of every sport has guys playing it for whatever reason.


I really enjoy the story and acting in the PVE part. It is hilarious! But unfortunately, the grind required to get to see the story just put me off and I rarely play anymore.

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Fortnite thread.


also, Chapter 2 is active!!

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