Gears 5

Gears 5 baby




Tell them to remove cheaters from the game and I might return to it again

You work for IGN, don’t you

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This needs to be in a Gears 5 thread. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:

*This IS the Gears 5 thread

Yeah, this is the Gears 5 thread, crazy!


This game has the best set of options and benchmark tools. Ultra preset modified to have vsync off, no minimum fps, no maximum fps, and the option that allows some cpu compute to be offloaded to gpu. All above 60fps on my glorious 165hz 1440p gsync monitor. So yeah, this is my next game. Will post more later.

Average fps between 100 and 110 fps : ]

Some day I will play this @sYnCroSis @ShiftySatchmo

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Its a great game!

Beat it last night. Excellent game, too fucking short. Recommended if the price is <=$40 cad.

No one in their right mind would buy it since it’s on game pass.

I prefer to have my own copy.

Me too. That’s why I bought the gears 5 xbox one x. Which makes me dumb as hell. But I love it.



Gears 5 is interesting game. It has a nice graphics and a solid story. Co-op mode is there so game is more enjoyable playing with friends. I opened multiplayer and as soon as I saw swarm (pun intended) of micro transactions I just left the multiplayer menu.

Game mechanics are well known from the previous Gears titles There is a kind of unnecessary open world which I think was included just to pass the time by. It’s empty, poor and just not interesting. Also devs could ease up a bit on cinematic videos and let the gameplay tells the story without interruptions.

All in all I enjoyed the story campaign and manage to finish it during this free period.

I give this game solid - 7/10.

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The multiplayer is fun and the micro stuff is just cosmetic.

I have 33 hours to finish the game as well. It is fun, but not 35 euro fun. Last time I played Gears of War 2 on xbox 360.

Finished it as well. 6 minutes before the end of the free weekend. Hard journey, I onlyy stopped eating, 9 hours today, some before. It was a pretty fun campaign, could be better with friends. The game on Steam supports remote play so I guess you need to buy only one copy and stream it to the others and they can join the fun. Story was acceptable, action better, visuals and bugs and the AI worse. Zmajuga’s score is valid.