Free Games on GOG


American Nightmare and Rebel Galaxy


ShiftySatchmo Only if you buy over 15 usd :stuck_out_tongue:



ButtStallion don’t be cheap


ShiftySatchmo Then buy all 4 deponia point&click adventures for 20 bucks and get both :wink:


Who wants a copy of Rebel Galaxy on GOG? I purchased Hard West, to cl;ear it finally form my wishlist & got my free copy. As I already have it on Steam I’m offering it here if anyone wants it? Needs to be redeemed by 27th June.


Last Time to BUMP - can’t give it away so far to any of my friends either… Rebel Galaxy on GoG redeem by the 27th, otherwise it’ll just get added to my GoG collection as a DRM free version.


I have it on Steam :frowning:


ButtStallion same… just trying to share the love… why won’t anyone take my love?

my dirty, tainted, desperate love.


Sgt_T8ie If it will help you feel loved… I will take it though I have no idea when ill get to playing it :stuck_out_tongue:


Gorkie Done. will PM code.


Thanks! Registered and soon as I have more time ill get to playing it


Shadow Warrior 2 free on GOG.


SOMA is free on GOG for 2 days.


Fantastic game


i really love that game and there’s a miniseries on youtube from that universe, a few short videos tho dont know if its correct to call them miniseries but fuck it.



Thanks for the heads up, i remember playing this game on my phone and i actually like it