Games I returned because they're broken and/or just shitty


I did the main stories, not all the little side ones.


Ah, so you played with A2, 9S etc. Noiceeeeee


Random one that sticks out; I def don’t have a problem with it being on the list at all haha, but I found the fun in Deadfall Adventures somehow despite the clunky-ness. Led me to reading a bunch of H. Rider Haggard’s Allan Quatermain stories too so that helps tint my glasses rosier.


I don’t recall what the game even is, let alone what was wrong with it.


Oh there was plenty wrong with it from what I can recall haha. Bugs, glitches, etc. Was basically Indiana Jones style adventure game based loosely on old books that loosely inspired parts of Indiana Jones. Or something like that.


Hey! I actually remember you hating Mechazoo is what convinced me to remove it from my list haha


Must have been back in the gtribe days, no sign of it on this forum besides this thread.

Also don’t remember what was wrong with it lol


I don’t either! I just remember whatever you said was enough to make me ditch it


Good call returning Dead Island. Trash game.


Again, I don’t recall what that game is lol


Good haha. It was a necessary evil on the road to make a better game (dying light)


Can I start copying these to the curator page?


Doesn’t matter to me, just most of them I don’t remember the reasons.



Bad, broken, or both?


The point of the screen shot is so you can see my comment in the return ticket. Otherwise I would type something.


Ahhhh I am on my phone and didn’t notice a comment


That’s how all my returns posts will be. Should be able to tap n zoom on phone.



Yeah, @sYnCroSis gave up and got it on PS4 haha