Games I returned because they're broken and/or just shitty


I can’t get it on ps4 because that would be rewarding bad behavior. : /


I am 50% sure @Katsuo will come here and blame it all on your Nvidia card. :kissing:


Damn right I will.

@gord0, your GPU is crap. Go buy some Intel GPUs. No stutters with that bad boy!


If my memory serves me, micro-stutters are caused by cpu lag. In this case Threadripper 1900x being raped by denuvo. Wouldn’t matter which video card.



I wait for the moment when Gaben writes back and tell you can’t request another refund on Steam :smiley:


Doubt it. I keep my money in the steam wallet as apposed to returning to funding source. I imagine they keep everyone’s steam wallet in a business savings account collecting interest or something similar. My money stays with valve regardless. Also there’s always 1 or more games I complete between returns so it’s not like I’m returning everything.


Sure, I know, but it feels like it. :smiley: I personally rarely can decide in two hours if I want a refund or not. I am usually waaay past 2 hours when i decide I try to refund it, never happened.


99.9% Of my returns are for performance fails. You tend to notice that in the first few minutes.


I doubt they will allow the refund on that one. There is a demo for Wolfenstein 2 so they’ll probably use that against youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


Death of the Outsider is great! Keep that one, i don’t want to see it here @gord0 :smiley:


Well the base game was good so chances are I’ll not be returning it.


btw I did get a solid 1440p165 though lol






I’m sad that you returned okami. Beautiful game. Definitely buying it for switch.


I mean, the original was 30fps so it seemed alright to me.


I have it on the original wii if I ever change my mind. I just can’t stand developers who don’t program independently from framerate. It’s literally one of the first things you’re taught to account for when learning to program games because everyone’s hardware is different.