ButtStallion's finished games in 2020

Northgard : :calendar: January 18th / :stopwatch: 59 hours
Ancestors Legacy : :calendar: February 16th / :stopwatch: 33 hours
Middle-earth: Shadow of War : :calendar: February 24th / :stopwatch: 48 hours
Frostpunk : :calendar: March 8th / :stopwatch: 30 hours
Black Mesa : :calendar: March 29th / :stopwatch: 15 hours
World War Z : :calendar: April 4th / :stopwatch: 13 hours
Gears 5 : :calendar: April 13th / :stopwatch: 11 hours
XCOM Chimera Squad : :calendar: May 7th / :stopwatch: 43 hours
The Council : :calendar: June 8th / :stopwatch: 14 hours
Borderlands 3: :calendar: August 12th / :stopwatch: 20 hours
Gears Tactics: :calendar: August 23th / :stopwatch: 15 hours
Operencia: The Stolen Sun: :calendar: September 17th / :stopwatch: 20 hours


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I don’t want to start a new topic for The Council because I know a lot of you will not play it so i just write a short review here for it.

It started pretty slow but interesting, episodee 3 was the peak in quality, story and writing. Ep 4 and 5 contains a lot of puzzles which are 1) Hard af 2) I am baked most of the time during the game and i am stupider by the minute 3) the puzzles are complicated, i mean i needed the famous yellow legal pad to write notes because i was lost and confused 4) i am a noob. Either way that was my main issue with the game. The face animations were ME Andromeda level bad but the voice acting made it okay. I had some random bugs with lighting and random appearing models but nothing annoying andd game breaking.

The main positive point for this game is the ending. Because during the five episodes your choices really matter not like in a Telltale game. It has 16 endings i could find. Of course they are alterations of 3-4 main endings but still. You miss an item or conversation in ep2 and boom you already have a different ending. Loved this. I won’t rate games this year but anyone who wants an evolved telltale experience with some occultism, puzzles, some chat with Napoleon or Washington, give it a try. Or until the end of episode 2. You will know by then if its worth playing.

BTW Episode 1 is free on Steam

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I visited the steam page to see what the game was because I couldn’t remember. It seems I already ignored it lol.

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Well it is surely not for everyone. I ignore all asian/japanese games :smiley: