ButtStallion's finished games in 2020

Northgard : :calendar: January 18th / :stopwatch: 59 hours
Ancestors Legacy : :calendar: February 16th / :stopwatch: 33 hours
Middle-earth: Shadow of War : :calendar: February 24th / :stopwatch: 48 hours


Formatting issues?

What do you mean?

This is what I see:

That’s how it appears for me as well. Isn’t it supposed to look like that?

I just copied the Northgard topic link, this is how it looks. If you open the window down you can even see the entire review without opening the other topic.

Looks like a quote but maybe it’s a preview?

Maybe both :woman_shrugging:

This is what he gets for trying to make @gord0 happy :laughing:


I have an idea or two what could make him happy :kissing_heart:

I just woke up when I saw it, looked like an accidental self quote at the time.


I was confused by it too.